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largeThe smart watch knows no crisis, it is now a valuable ally in our everyday life. Quality matters, but aesthetics are no less: here is a selection of the most glamorous and best-selling models on the internet!

The smartwatch market knows no crisis. According to analyzes by Counterpoint Research, in 2022 sales increased by 12% year-on-year, and it is easy to predict that 2023 will also close at a high rate. But what is the best smartwatch for women? This is a very common dilemma. Because we have to admit it: let’s put ourselves on the same level technological performance and style. The eye wants its part and there is no debate about it: the mixing of technological accessories and jewelry is one of the latest trends, so to speak. “Best”, then, means (also) “most beautiful”. Next, we want to ease you into the final choice: here is a selection of women’s smartwatches to buy online, highly sought-after and undeniably glam!

Apple Watch Series 8

What is the best-selling smartwatch in the world? The Apple Watch. The Series 8 has the same processor as its predecessor and the same sensors, including heart rate monitoring, ECG, blood oxygen detection, drop sensor and altitude. Accelerometer, GPS and compass are added. An interesting innovation is the tool designed for track your menstrual cycle through core temperature. And then you choose between different straps and dialsbut there’s no doubt: fashionistas are going crazyApple Watch Series 8 Galaxy Color!

Garmin Vivomove HR

If you prefer minimalist accessoriesthe hybrid smartwatch for women Garmin Vivomove HR total black it certainly might be right for you. Equipped with foldable touchscreen hands, it offers many features such as pressure level analysis and heart rate monitoring from the wrist. Plus, it vibrates every time you get a notification. Elegant and with attention to every detail, it really goes with any outfit. Day and night.

Samsung Galaxy Watch4

Between the best selling smartwatches onlinehere it is too Samsung Galaxy Watch4. In keeping with the great success of the Barbiecore aesthetic, it’s no surprise that the pink version is increasingly in demand. Pink gold, to be precise. Among the numerous features we highlight the position sensor, the heart rate sensor, the barometric altitude and the acceleration sensor. It is not among the most expensive smartwatches, but the quality is guaranteed.

Fossil Smartwatch Gen 6

With this steel bracelet and that colorful one that enlivens the dial, the Fossil Smartwatch Gen 6 It is undoubtedly a women’s smartwatch that will attract attention. But also from a technological point of view it is a very valid product. There are many features that this smartwatch offers. to name a few, it tracks steps and sleep, is equipped with GPS, sends notifications and keeps your heart rate under control.

Amazfit GTS 2 Mini

Are you looking for a smartwatch under 100 euros and compact? Then know that online users promote it with excellent ratings Amazfit GTS 2 Mini: small (but not too much), light, suitable for any wrist (and look), with an undeniably attractive screen. Features aren’t many, but it’s still equipped with Bluetooth, GPS, and a heart rate sensor.

Huawei Watch Fit

For them developed female athletesfor those with a Lara Croft soul, here it is Huawei Watch Fit smart watch. The rectangular Amoled color display is truly a beautiful sight, among the features we highlight 24-hour health monitoring, heart rate and sleep monitoring, healthy life management and 97 training functions. We chose it black strapbut there are other colors too.

Xiaomi Smart Band 6

If we did a ranking of the best cheap smart watches for womenwe must definitely put it too Xiaomi Smart Band 6. It almost looks like a bracelet. And a comfortable and very light band. The Amoled screen is sharp and bright, the writing takes up almost the entire dial, so even if the characters are not large, legibility is good. The performance is satisfactory, among other things, 30 fitness modes can be set and 6 sports are available with automatic detection. Heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen saturation detection (not continuous), sleep quality and stress monitoring are added.

Agptek LW11

Among the women’s smartwatches sold on Amazon, Agptek LW11 is in high demand. A smart watch super cheapglam, with a watch characterized by Exciting 3D graphics and adaptable. Despite the low price, it offers a lot of features: we highlight sleep monitoring, heart rate monitoring, message notifications and menstrual cycle reminder, but the list is much longer. Only recommendation: better not to get it wet.

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