The new green ingredients for last generation cosmetics

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The numbers of natural cosmetics are increasing green ingredients. In the field of natural beauty, which is increasingly launching upwards (according to Cosmetica Italia research last year, it recorded spending of up to 2.6 billion euros in 2021, equivalent to an increase of 12.6% compared to 2019 ), the search for herbal actives able to take care of our face and body is always on the hunt for new things. Because his goal is to use green beauty secrets to create products that are not necessarily 100% natural or organic, but with biodegradable, cruelty free formulas, with recyclable packaging and which, at the same time, also have high and proven effectiveness.

I feel good interviewed the pharmacist and beautician Gloriana Asslati to tell us what are the “green” principles of the last generation (of natural origin or carefully reproduced in the laboratory). And which we can find in products for the cold season.


290756A panacea against any form of dryness affecting the face, body or hair. “From the dried and then cold-pressed seeds of the fruits of this tree typical of the South Pacific (Polynesia, India, Sri Lanka) an antioxidant oil is obtained capable of nourishing dry and dehydrated skin, helping elasticity, neutralizing the formation of stretch marks . , restoring softness and shine to damaged hair,” explains cosmetologist Gloriana Assalti.

• Tamanu oil and vitamin E for body treatment Bariéderm Cica-Dermatological oil of Uriage: maintains skin elasticity and prevents stretch marks (€19.50,


290758This fruit, which comes from the Amazon and grows in the shape of a palm, is also a big hit in the world of green beauty. “From its fruits, which look like large blackberries, an oil is extracted that is found in various products anti-aging, and which is good for every skin type. In addition to Omega 3 and 6, it also contains vitamin E with a strong soothing, moisturizing, elastic effect and many polyphenols (especially anthocyanins), powerful antioxidants that make the skin visibly younger. Furthermore, since acai also stimulates blood circulation, it is often present in anti-cellulite cosmetics,” the expert emphasizes.

• Acai and goji berries work in synergy to tone and redefine the figure Dermolab anti-aging firming cream which gives smooth and firm skin (€11.50,

290759“Recycling, its recycling food waste, is now also practiced in ecologically sustainable cosmetics”, explains Dr. Asalti. “None of the plant by-products are thrown away and the active ingredients for skin care, hygiene and cleansing come from leftovers (peels, pits, stems, seeds) of fruits and vegetables. For example, “bioliquid” foods peach, apricot and cherry pits, are very rich in Omega 3, 6 and 9, polyunsaturated fatty acids (oils) that serve to regenerate the cell wall. And skin and body care with these vegetable oils means curing dull, suffocated and dehydrated skin and hair once and for all,” explains the expert. But also its remains spinach they contain a lot of lutein, a powerful anti-free radical that protects the face from all solar radiation, including blue light, while those of carrots and other orange vegetables are a source of beta-carotene, which stimulates the production of skin-supporting fibers and increases the cycle cell functions.

• In the morning your face needs a shot of natural light: the Tonic Yuza Double Lotion contains peach pit extract with a super brightening effect. By Erborian (€35,

290760Not just in the kitchen. This tuber is characterized by the presence of numerous active ingredients, allies of all-round beauty. “More specifically, it contains gingers that improve the functionality of microcirculation, enhancing the supply of oxygen to epidermal cells. And which are useful in hair care (neutralize their weakness), face and body. It acts effectively on the latter, eliminating water retention and reducing cellulite spots,” the expert emphasizes.

• To stop fall hair loss, you need ginger, an antioxidant, rejuvenator and microcirculation stimulant. It contains it Keramine H BIO Lotion against hair loss (€18.20,

290761Their fame does not stop only at the well-known fat-reducing effect, now algae of all colors (brown, blue, red, yellow, white) are also used in the composition of anti-aging creams and serums. “The reasons? Stimulation of the production of collagen, they tighten the outline of the face”, explains the specialist. In addition, each algae has its own specialty: spirulina, the most famous, also regulates sebum production. red and yellow fight free radicals thanks to their high content of amino acids, Omega 3, folic acid and vitamin E. While dried seaweed is used as compresses and exfoliants, to smooth the skin, decongest and neutralize the formation of blemishes.

• His “heart”. Lavera Hydro Refresh Serum is brown algae: harvested by hand and combined with natural hyaluronic acid, it retains water in the deep layers of the skin and has an anti-aging effect (€19.29,

290762An active ingredient that should be incorporated into the “bonne mine” routine. “There mint, in addition to being a laxative,” says the cosmetologist, “it leaves the skin of the face smooth and shiny. For the benefit of your skin: since it has a certain vasodilating effect, it improves the oxygenation of the skin and its firmness. But it also gives satisfaction to body creams with its draining action.” In other words, no more swollen feet.

• Flash detox and smoothing effect for combination or oily skin with Organic mask with mint and clay stick. Its 100% natural active ingredients absorb sebum within 5 minutes of application. By Klorane (€18.90,


290764“It is one Powerful beauty elixir: the extract of this African fruit (originating from Eritrea, South Africa, Senegal) fights oxidative stress, the main cause of aging,” reports Assalti. From the age of 30 onwards, there is nothing better than a face or eye contour cream enriched with Kigelia extract to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This active ingredient is also ideal for body treatments, especially for the parts most subject to sagging, because it has a compacting and firming effect. The war against failure is, in fact, won by eliminating free radicals.

• Offers physical support, the Breast firming cream by L’Erbolario: credit goes to Kigelia Africana dry extract and green tea polyphenols (€20.90,

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