Donna Oltre Confini: the narrative documentary festival in Salina

Heyfrom 14 to 17 September 2023 will go up to the Aeolian Islands Salina, there seventeenth edition from Salina Doc Fest – Woman Beyond Borders, the narrative documentary festival dedicated to women. A festival that chooses to listen to the voices of directors, actors and screenwriters who have told stories of rebellion, courage and indomitable hope

“From the deep waters of the Aeolian Islands emerges an island that has the changing and fleeting contours of a woman: it is the island of Salina, also called Didymi, which in ancient Greek means twin, because of the two volcanic cones that cross it. and which, seen from the sea, resemble the breast of a recumbent goddess rising from the water, looking towards a new horizon of freedom.’ With these words the artistic director Giovanna Taviani traces the perimeter in which the latest edition of the Salina Doc Fest moves, this year titled Woman across the border.

A festival that aims to be a metaphor for the feminine with screenings, meetings and live shows that will highlight the complexity experienced by women today, in Italy and beyond.

He will be the protagonist of the four-day programTribute to Agnès VardaBelgian director, screenwriter and photographer, his spokesperson New wavebut also the Focus on women and Iran thanks to the presence of the filmmaker Firouzeh Khosrowanito which the shall be awarded Irritec Award. Arrested with her colleague Mina Keshavarz in Tehran and then released, Firuozeh Khosrovani has explored in her documentaries the transformations of the image of women in Iran starting with its old regime Shah until today, going through the Islamic revolution.

“The urgency to address these issues arises from a reflection on what is happening in the world today, beginning with the new Iranian revolution, whose slogan Woman Life Freedom it gives women an active leadership role for a global renewal of society in a democratic sense. I am convinced that the only way to help the Iranian women’s movement is to talk about them. Don’t make them feel alone,” he continued Giovanna Taviani.

As a tribute to the Iranian director, the films he directed will be screened Rough cut (2007), Profession: Documentary (2014), Feast of duty (2014) e X-ray of family (2020), presented and presented with the director by Antonio Pezzuto and Paola Cassano. Firouzeh Khosrowani will also be the protagonist of a public meeting with a moderator Anna Maria Passetti.

The actress, director and screenwriter will also be present at the festival Valeria Golinoto which the shall be awarded SIAE Award – Cinema Views and honored with the projection – introduced by the critic Enrico Magrelli – of the film Honeyher directorial debut, which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in 2013. She will be joined by writer and screenwriter Francesca Marcianowho will receive it Ravesi Award – From text to screenfor his script The Art of Joy, Sky Original series directed by Valeria Golino. Filmed in Sicily and inspired by his posthumous novel of the same name Goliard Wisdom, tells the story of a little girl from Sicily in the early 20th century who discovers sexuality and the desire for a better life than the one she’s always had.

The full program of the event follows.

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