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Un easy garment, useful and practical but also cool. Which allows you to add originality to autumn outfits!

It’s not a matter of fashion trends: waterproof jacket is a must and it will stay that way forever. A must have item, without self and without but. Mainly to fall but also in the spring, because showers can always happen in the middle of the season. And then let’s face it: the times when the waterproof it was considered only for its functionality. now it is becoming an integral part of fashionable clothes. And credit for this clearance also goes to a large army of models and celebrities and their waterproof clothing: think Bella Hadid and Kate Middleton, to name just a few.

In nylonin pvcin technical fabric; with minimalist lines or enriched with glam details. With wide lines or a thin version, a little too long: the options are many. And if you are looking for one waterproof jacket to buy onlinewe help you choose with this option!

The icon

The iconic yellow oilskinsthat does a lot – and immediately – Singing in the rain. Undeniably effective, practically indestructible, brings joy even in case of sudden storms. AND very light, weighs an average of 400-500 grams, as well as folding. And it’s a glam choice even when the sky is clear, all It-girls agree on that. It is forbidden not to have it.

The street K

A brand’s biggest success? When it ends up specifying a very specific product, which has since become evergreen. This is his case K way, the ultimate waterproof. No introduction needed, that’s for sure. But among the different models available today, this time we choose Claudette. That is, the typical women’s K-way. Made of nylon, short, with a regular fit that harmoniously accompanies the figure and a zipper finished with a colored edge (making it instantly recognizable).

Smart casual

Functionality and style they can go hand in hand, we know that well. And it also applies to women’s waterproof jacket. If you combine the versatility, it really is the best. Which model should I choose? Length three quarters, with a double zip and button closure, side pockets and wind flaps reminiscent of the trench coat design. A smart casual outfit that complements even the most formal outfits.

The lightweight down jacket

One of the most strategic outfits of all time: the light and short jacket. The lining feels like it wasn’t there, yet it provides just the right amount of warmth when the air starts to get cooler. The waterproof coating dries in a very short time: another advantage. And the slim (but not too slim) fit makes this jacket a real staple.

The alternative waterproof jacket

You are looking for one waterproof different from the usual, attention-grabbing? We then offer you an interpretation based on metallic, a trend that shows no signs of losing support. The association may seem strange and that is the beauty of it. It brings to mind a sci-fi movie, doesn’t it? But classy. Then get ready for your adventure!

The poncho

We couldn’t not include it waterproof poncho with hood, undisputed champion of practicality. Which allows – which is far from negligible – to also cover your backpack or bag. Perfect for outings, obviously, but true fashion victims know this well: in the city it’s an impressive choice, in the name of adaptation!

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