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smallthin, with logo and/or gold buckle. Or maxi, in a bustier version. Or more original, out of the ordinary. Discover all the coolest belts of the moment and make your choice!

True fashionistas know this well: the belt can make all the difference. It allows you to personalize each look and bring it to life. it’s also great trick to highlight the waist or hips – depending on the model – and play with shapes and volumes. Yes, because now this accessory can also be worn in sweaters, in blazers, in coats. And on the other hand, it helps to change the stylistic tone of an outfit, making it more casual or more elegant. Let’s think about clothes first. In short, it all comes down to being able to choose the right one. So how about we review it women’s belts autumn 2023 can it be found online? Here’s a selection of the most fashionable and versatile models, for easy online shopping. And spoilers: we’re also going to recap it uniform with belts it-girl proof!

More than a trend, the logomania it’s a matter of style. Consequently the branded women’s belts, with the buckle that becomes a real manifesto, maintain their position among the most requested models. And they demand to be in plain sight. Therefore, make them the stars of your outfit. Even if it’s simple combining them with jeans or a denim maxi skirt.

With gold buckle

Speaking of buckles: the ones inside gold metal win the hearts of fashionistas. It could be the logo, actually, but also another process that makes the brand recognizable without being too… obvious. Also in this case, “enhancement” is the key word. So keep a low profile when it comes to other accessories.

Thin belt

There thin women’s belt it is at the top of the current ranking of preferences for autumn 2023. Because it is truly “a touch”, but it certainly does not go unnoticed. And with i long, soft clothes, with lightweight fabrics, is truly a winning garment. But the same applies to i classic tailored trousers. Metallic, or in a nude shade, is even more glam.

Bustier belt

Between women’s belts autumn 2023 must have, here it is bustier version. Which finds a wonderful interpretation in the combo with outerwear, blazers first and foremost. At the same time, it gives an interesting touch to loose dresses as well as those characterized by a more fitted design. If the waist is your strong point, go for it!

Basic with style

Now it is clearer: the belt that is in fashion It comes in many different options. But it is also fashionable minimalism and the art of abstraction, so it’s impossible to go wrong with basic belts. I am genderless, for him and for her without any distinction whatsoever. characterized only by a basic buckle. They look good on everything, apparently. But let’s not forget that it is in-di-spen-sa-bi-li for mannish/casual look!


… You know what? Between fashion belts 2023 we also want to put a more original version: in perforated leather. With retro charm, more specifically with country chic “taste”. It will become the extra tool for your daily outfit and it will be hard to part with it, you’ll see!

Punk style

We finish with a belt that will win those who prefer bolder outfits and be charmed by it punk or rock style. It is a model characterized by double holes which run the entire length of the belt itself. If you want, you can add a chain. To get into the mood even better. It’s selling like hotcakes online!

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