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GIulia Penna does not give up her sparkling rock-scented beauty even on the fateful wedding day: she is a glamorous bride for her beloved Yuri

It has been 16 years since he married her Julia Penna and Yuri’s partner said their first yes, the one that made them meet and be together. On September 16, 2023, they promised each other in a simply incredible location. Let’s talk about Church of Santa Sabina in the orange grovewhich was followed by a reception at Borgo della Merluzza.

Before we get into the details of the dress – actually, from clothes, to be exact – let’s talk about context. Despite being a rock and romantic soul at the same time, in reality, the bride Giulia Penna would not have given up traditional serenade down the house from his Yuri. In such a magical context, from the photos and video posted on his social profile it is immediately apparent that no detail left to chance.

At the rice launch, the influencer showed off a crazy dress, which she somehow already announced to her fans a few months earlier, exactly in July. During the dress, Giulia was left breathless, but with her typical gusto:They say you can feel the right dress. I didn’t believe it, but it’s really true. The joy in my parents’ eyes is something indescribable. (…) Until September I have time to do a lot of carbonation, anyway then we will restart the measurements a week before!“.

The shots that depict her, with this bright smile and a dreamy dress, confirm every prediction: that dress looks like it was made for her. Where to start from?

Giulia Penna, the rock and romantic bride

Let’s start with the Atelier Emé custom dress worn by Giulia walking down the aisle: we’re talking about a boned corset who triumphs in embellished blouse games with tulle and lace. Sleeveless, but beware, no plunging neckline. With such a dress, the smile speaks and everything else is superfluous. The bust sinks to a endless bell-shaped skirtwith tassels, on which over 100 meters of tulle have been sewn.

A dress so rock and bold then skillfully improved by some lovely satin gloves, worn especially for the religious ceremony. Outside the church, with her more than 15 meters long tulle veil pulled up behind her head, we see her without gloves showing off the small tattoos that make her unmistakable.

At the reception the beautiful Giulia put her veil aside to stick one on lovely shiny leaf hair clip, perfect for adding a bucolic touch to his slightly wavy smooth look. Make-up is minimal and, at the same time, perfect: you need nothing but a smile. The smile of someone who spent, in his words, the the best day of his life.

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