Gessica Notaro says yes and her wedding dresses are truly stunning – The Wom Fashion

GEssica Notaro said yes to her Filippo and she did it by showing off dresses like a real fairy tale princess. The same that just started living.

A dream location, the Royal Palace of Venaria Reale, 500 guests ready to celebrate and a dress that would be the envy of any fairy tale princess. His love’s dream Gesica Notaro he finally had his crown.

And he did it on September 18th on time Yes larger than life to her much-loved boyfriend and now-husband, Filippo Boloni, professional rider and six-time show jumping champion.

An epilogue that could not be more different. Which puts Jessica Notaro’s painful past behind her for good due to the assault that hit her in 2017 from the ex-boyfriend. And that opens a new and extraordinary chapter, made of love and trust.

A fairy tale in all respects and one that could end, or perhaps it would be better to say begins, with a wedding rather than romance truly had no equal. Starting with the enchanting princely dress sported by the beautiful Gessica Notaro.

A very white wedding dress, with a my sweet bust fully embroidered in lace, sleeves with removable mittens from the boat neckline andvery wide skirt with a mini train in silk chiffon and tulle. All adorned with a very long veil applied to a super romantic updo with a tuft of facial hair to make the features of the beautiful and very excited Gessica even sweeter.

A dress that made everyone who attended (and not only) the most romantic wedding of the year dream. And that left room for another really great dress after the ceremony. A more sensual dress than the previous one, but also with romantic and elegant lines. ONE dressed in mermaid stylewith a sweetheart lace bodice and a long, fitted skirt with a wide front slit.

A look that enhanced Gessica Notaro’s physicality with a truly unique style and elegance. Giving her one unmatched charm and which attracted everyone’s attention. In short, two dizzying dresses, with princely notes and a romantic and noble soul.

Just like that of Gesica and her husband Philippou. In fact, as a wedding gift, the two asked that donations be made to the Puzzilli Foundation. An organization that works to support it women victims of violence. And that, like Gessica, they deserve to live their fairy tale with the most romantic happy ending ever.

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