The Awareness Festival returns to Padua

TOAt the Teatro Verdi in Padua, on September 23 and 24, 2023, its second edition Awareness Festivalcreated in collaboration withItalian Buddhist Association. Entitled “Connections”, it will include events, concerts, talks and meditations that will be an opportunity for cultural and spiritual comparison

Connection: a word we are used to hearing every day, but which often escapes us
its deepest meaning. Yet it is what we have always sought to give meaning to existence, what makes us human: connection to self, to others, to life.

Events on the program schedule will explore this theme Awareness Festivaldesigned to unite mind, heart and spirit.

During the days of the Festival – from September 22 to 24 – scientists, artists and visionaries will talk about their life’s journey after inner research, in the belief that this can trigger a process of change in those who listen to them, or even awareness of the truly alive in relation to self and others.

Aimed at all people who wish to delve into cultural, philosophical and spiritual topics that encompass the world of 360° awareness, the Festival of Want helping people find new perspectives and giving a seed to sprout for a journey of personal growth. But above all, the Festival invites us to ask ourselves deeper questions. And let’s not be satisfied with what we see.

The program of the Festival

The Awareness Festival begins with an undeniably special event, on the evening of Friday 22 September: a meditation – inside the Palazzo della Ragione, seat of the city’s courts during the Middle Ages, now a UNESCO heritage site – led by the French spiritual researcher and writer Bernard Roos and by the musician and composer Luca Donini.

The star of the day on September 23 will be an evening event that will see people take to the stage Franco Musida, composer and songwriter as well as historical guitarist of Premiata Forneria Marconi (PFM). Creator of the project “CO2”, which for the last ten years has involved thousands of prisoners in Italian prisons, he has developed his own artistic research on the relationship between the spirituality of life, the sound and the emotions that music evokes. After him they will take the stage Sylvia Lathamanthropologist, Earth Charter educator and transformational coach, e Pier Luigi Lattuadadoctor and psychotherapist, director of the Integral Transpersonal Institute in Milan.

On the evening of Sunday, September 24, guests will be presented Federico Faginpioneer of the information revolution and creator of microprocessor and touch technology. Chiara Lujana, artist, composer and audio entrepreneur. And Gianluca Goto, writer from Turin and digital nomad, who will talk about his philosophy based on “travel as a destination”. He will moderate both nights Lorenzo Maragoniactor, director and poet.

Gianluca Goto
Gianluca Goto

Finally, the afternoons of both Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 September will be enlivened by the workshops held by the journalist and writer Michaela K. Bellisariowhich will have as interlocutors some women who decided to turn their lives upside down to follow a path more connected to others: Julia Calligarojournalist and author, now yoga teacher and trainer. Luciana BorgesBrazilian top model who teaches yoga in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro. Noemi Serraciniradio host who published the book “Rock’n’Soul. Stories of Music and Spirituality” (Arcana publications); And Margin Trumper, Indologist, singer and teacher of Hindi and Indian song. A tribute to those women who had the courage to follow their own inner voice.

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