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THE the moonlight not only lands on our clothes, but also falls on our feet. Silver sports shoes are one of the season’s undisputed must-haves.

The fall of 2023 is clothed in a lunar glow. Fascinating and subtle reflections illuminate our clothes, without discrimination of days and hours: they are silver mania 24 hours a day. From sunrise to sunset. And if silver pants are the most obvious display of this glamorous trend (and so is the rise in sales), here’s another touch from impeccable fashionistas*. Here, on our feet, the silver sneakers.

Silver sneakers
Silver sneakers

Metallic finishes and retro touches

When it comes to fashion, silver It immediately brings to mind 3 things: the big night ensembles, the disco style and the creative experiments with a futuristic imprint. Well, we once imagined something similar for silver sneakers. And instead – surprise, surprise – NO.

Instead, the fashion universe focuses on the original meeting between retro design and metallic finishes. For an almost disturbing effect that captivates without reservation. Brands reinterpret their iconic models under moonlight, silhouettes tend to be rounded, soles flat. Those details that make a lot appear sixty, seventy, eighty: sidebars and apps in general that stand out. Stars, letters, logos. A few sprinkles of glitter too. But overall, the image of these sneakers is simple, not to mention basic. Undeclared target: let silver be the undisputed star.

Silver sneakers
Metallic retro sneakers + jeans

Silver sneakers: how to match them

How to match silver shoes? The problem doesn’t even arise. Consider, first of all, that this is a neutral tone. Shiny but neutral. Like all colors of this kind, therefore, there are no limits when it comes to color combinations. Except for those dictated by personal taste.

Another critical question: Metallic shades have been cleared for daywear for a while now. This means that if one morning we wake up with the desire for bright outfits, we can enjoy it with a light heart. Indeed, with satisfaction. Finally, we add that never more than this period contrasts are glam. And the recent Spring Summer 2024 fashion shows confirmed that the mood will not change in the coming seasons either.

So silver sneakers with suits, mini and maxi skirts, shorts, jeans. Whatever you like. Maybe the only combination that leaves you confused is the one with floral dresses, that’s it. But here too, individual preferences matter a lot. In short: green light for everything and everyone. May the silver light be with you!


Retro sneakers with silver leather upper (ADIDAS)


Leather sneakers with extra PU and cork midsole (BIRKENSTOCK)


Glittery sneakers with large rubber sole (CASADEI)


Seventies style sneakers with metallic finish (NEW BALANCE)


Limited Edition Sneakers by Rick Owens (CONVERSE)


Vintage Leather Sneakers With Metallic Finish (CLARKS)


60’s inspired sneakers with prominent stitched stripes (ONITSUKA TIGER)


Metallic canvas sneakers (SUPERGA)


Silver Foam Padded Sneakers (NIKE)


Triple midsole sports shoes (SAUCONY)



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