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QFour episodes, a journey through time to recall the dazzling career of the “gods” but also to discover their personal history. And the unbreakable friendship that binds them.

Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista And Christy Turlington: the legendary top models who helped write the history of the 80s and 90s. Beautiful, beautiful, unattainable. A kind of cross between human and divine. women capable of hypnotizing the entire world with a single step. Millennials remember them perfectly, but subsequent generations learned to know them anyway. And since they never cease to fascinate, and so do their individual stories, here it is The Super Models – the AppleTV+ documentary series dedicated to them – promises to be on its way one of the biggest hits of the season.

The Super Models
From left: Linda Evangelista, Christy Turlington, Naomi Campbell and Cindy Crawford

Discovering the stars

It is one time travel that goes far beyond simple storytelling. It’s a journey to discover these gorgeous girls from different places located in the Big Apple. And they don’t just build piece by piece an unparalleled career path, but they manage to work together. They become friends and accomplices, they protect each otherkeeping any rivalry or jealousy light years away. Thus, their light becomes stronger. They achieve a reputation that transcends the boundaries of the fashion industry, even surpassing that of the brands they pose and parade for. They become undisputed icons. Protagonists of collective dreams. Also able to pave the way for the top models that followed.

And still today I’m in the front row, albeit in a different way. They are activists, entrepreneurs, dedicated to philanthropy and campaigning for women and inclusion. Against racism. They allow themselves a few forays into the fashion scene and, needless to say, each time is an additional success.

The Super Models
The Super Models

The beginnings

Its 4 protagonists The Super Models they talk about each other without filters, look in the car and pride that comes from every resource. But also a lot of simplicity, which pleasantly surprises. “I never thought – reveals Cindy Crawford being a model, I didn’t even know it was a real job“. In fact, he had won a scholarship to study chemical engineering at Northwestern University. Instead, he went from a small town in Illinois to the most famous catwalks and covers in the world.”My father even believed that modeling could mean prostitution. So my parents took me on my first real work date“.

Naomi Campbell she dreamed of becoming an actress and dancer, she tried hard even if not with great results. One fine day talent scout Beth Boldt saw her at Covent Garden tube station and his life changed with the snap of his fingers. Turlington was cleaning a stable when a photographer spotted her and contacted the Ford Models agency. She is the only one who always dreamed of doing this job Linda Evangelista, but he certainly did not imagine that he would gain world fame.

The Super Models
Christy Turlington

Archival material, amarcord and surprises

The one-on-one interviews with the four gods are scattered throughout archive of photos and footageeven a lot unpublished material and that’s probably the most beautiful thing. We find out that at just 5 years old Naomi Campbell appeared in a Bob Marley video, we see them all together in the video Freedom! ’90 – famous song by George Michael – and we are able to better understand it the depth of the bond that unites them:”the family you selected,” as Campbell says.

It’s not just a retrospective of their careers, therefore. But it is a look that extends to all aspects of their lives and their essence. “It wasn’t about fashion – we hear in the trailer – but of women: this is the supermodel“. And at the same time it is an image of the society of that time. In the fashion universe of that time. Okay, let’s say it: The Super Models do not miss.

The Super Models
Cindy Crawford

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