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Heyto the refined chain bag to the iconic messenger, passing through models in technical fabric, here is a selection of designer shoulder bags to buy online!

The shoulder bags for fall 2023 they catch eyes but without exaggeration. They are very spacious or more compact, but in any case they guarantee a high degree of practicality. In leather or imitation leather, in common or technical fabric, they are designed to accompany us faithfully 24 hours a day. Or to complete an evening outfit characterized by simple elegance. Concerning colored, current trends don’t raise the bar much. And this has a big advantage: the model we will buy now will not expire so easily. So, after the selection of women’s backpacks, we arrive with a special load: his Designer shoulder bags to buy online. We’d like it all in one go, it’s true!

Logo all over

The bags with logo letters it’s that innocent charm that satisfies us, let’s face it. As if to show everyone that yes, we are proud of our designer bag. Some may think that such accessories are too far from his checks quiet luxury, a trend that will accompany us for a long time; in fact it is not exactly like that. Because the guy in question can on the contrary be extremely harmonious and delicate, somehow imperceptible. As if it were a simple geometric fantasy: seeing is believing.

Chain bag

Among the shoulder bags of autumn 2023, a place belongs chain bags. Here’s the thing: it’s no longer as viral as it was a few seasons ago. But neither have they faded, on the contrary they have been promoted. So, they made their entrance in between classic accessories. And the black rigid bag, equipped with a chain, is now a must. For one night; Sure. But also for a sophisticated everyday look.

The sports bag

From September we start again: always full days, from one side to the other without stopping, busy with a thousand things to do. Hence, you need a bag that’s up to the job. Beautiful and strong, preferably indestructible. Equipped with several pockets, including one for the phone so-we-find-them-immediately, lightweight and perhaps waterproof. Medium size, great! The style twist? The metallic highlights.

The white shoulder bag

If you still associate the white bag only in the summer season, immediately reverse course. Because on the contrary it is one of the strengths of many autumn winter collections 2023 2024. It brightens the clothes, it is always a (non) classy color, it also recalls the landscapes and atmospheres of the cold season. Indeed: if you want to be on top, start thinking about white shoes too!

The messenger bag

Looking for a bag for university or school? The messenger model is perfect. Not only comfortable but also glam, with Its slightly retro design. Indeed, we aim for a model that emphasizes this last aspect. Kind of like the school bags of yesteryear: isn’t that irresistible? It’s selling like hotcakes!

The patchwork bag

Self the hippie and slightly wild style it fascinates you, probably the patchwork shoulder bag it will be yours. It has this look like this, it looks almost improvised but in reality it is taken care of in every detail. And then patchwork has a great advantage: it makes all color combinations possible. One bag, a thousand bags.

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