The Women’s Heritage festival returns to Florence

TOappointment from November 24 to 26 for the sixth edition of the event dedicated to contribution of women to the progress of mankind. The artistic direction is his Serena Dandini

From (1945year in which the Italian Council of Ministers granted women the vote for the first time, 1981, year in which the law to eliminate all forms of discrimination against women came into force, through 1958 and Merlin is readingthe one that fought the exploitation of prostitution.

These are just some of the dates sewn on the skirt worn by a young female figure, poster of the 2023 edition of the festival “The legacy of women“, laws that marked the entry of women into public life in Italy. So this year the event is dedicated to “Mothers of the Fatherland” (that’s the title) that were the protagonists and Florence will host it again.

In fact, the festival is coming back Tobacco industry from 24 to 26 November (but also online on the site), with his artistic direction Serena Dandini. An event born in 2018 that over the years has recorded thousands of attendees and hosted hundreds of scientists, politicians, economists, entrepreneurs, activists, writers, artists and environmentalists, different generations compared to the debate on women’s empowerment and the role played by women and continue to have in the various fields of knowledge and society.

And this year the three days will be marked by thematic meetings, theatrical evenings and literary dialogues involving personalities of different generations and backgrounds, ranging across genres and combining high and popular culture. Designed by Elastica and developed by Fondazione CR Firenze and Gucci, with the co-promotion of the City of Florence, the artistic direction of Eredità delle Donne is entrusted to Serena Dandini: “Despite the steps forward towards equality – she said – Gender-based violence is not decreasing. However many good laws have been enacted and however many good intentions are expressed daily, the cultural revolution necessary to defeat this drama has not yet been completed. So we made the festival coincide with the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. It’s our way of embracing all sisters who are victims. But at the same time say: we women are strong. We will not take a single step back».

The guests and the program of the sixth edition

The festival decided to draw attention to various focal points and in which public opinion feels the most urgent need to create a discussion table, primarily the issue of violence: gender-based violence and violence of all kinds against young and old, inside and outside school; inside and outside the workplace, inside and outside the home, unfortunately they are not decreasing. It will also be discussed with the prosecutor Fabio RoyaDeputy President of the Court of Milan and author of the book “Crimes against women, policy, laws, good practices” (published by Franco Angeli), a book intended for all operators involved in the management of cases of female victims of violence.

Women’s Legacy will also deal with issues of war and peace: it will do so alongside the Nobel Peace Prize 2022 Oleksandra Romantsovaformer director of the Center for Civil Liberties in Kyiv (in the first year of the war alone, Romantsova and her colleagues collected over 33,000 possible cases of human rights violations, including war crimes, crimes against humanity, crimes of aggression and genocide) and with Donatella Di Cesare, philosopher and columnist. We will also discuss the issue of migration and the environmental emergency Angelica De VitoUN advisor on climate change and climate refugees, and with George Linardisspokesperson for Seawatch as well as legal and strategic advisor for the NGO’s activities at sea.

We will talk about rights, motherhood and feminism Eve Enslerwriter and playwright, founder of the international movement “One Billion Rising” author of “The Vagina Monologues” and now returns to bookstores with “Reckoning”, a memoir in which she deals with activism, writing, success, global struggles, abuse, depression and me Rosie Braidottiwhich, thirty years after its first publication, is released with a completely revised and expanded edition of “Nomadic issues. Body and sexual difference’ (Castelvecchi), landmark of feminist philosophical thought.

Then the situation in Afghanistan will be emphasized with his participation Zarifa Ghafari, Mayor of Maidanshahr from 2018 to 2021, now a refugee in Germany, and with the first female ambassador to Afghanistan Natalia Quintavalle. The actress will also testify on body, health, empowerment and equality issues Carolina Crescentinithe musician Casadilego and actress, writer and hostess Federika Cacciola.

Finally, there will be a review”Maps – Books at the festival”, a veritable festival within a festival dedicated to editorial news. International and Italian authors will stop in Florence, where numerous national preview presentations will take place.

The Electress Palatine: who was she? Anna Maria Luisa de’ Medici

The festival is dedicated to Anna Maria Luisa de’ Mediciknown as theElector Palatine, the first ‘Mother of the Fatherland’ and Mother of Italian and European Culture ante litteram. Thanks to her generous contribution, it has been possible to preserve intact the entire cultural and artistic heritage of the city of Florence, making it the global treasure chest we all know, and that is why she was chosen as an outstanding sponsor for L’Eredità delle Donne. But who exactly was Anna Maria Luisa de’ Medici?

Last of the great ducal line of the Medici, Anna Maria Luisa is the wife of Florence owes much of its heritage to cultural and artistic. In 1737, in fact, in drawing up the Convention with Francis Stephen of Lorraine, better known as the Family Pact, the Electria Paladina, as stated in the third article, “grants, gives and transfers to His Royal Highness and her successors. Grand Dukes, all the furniture, effects and rare objects (..) such as galleries, paintings, statues, libraries, jewels and other valuable things’, ordering that all artistic patrimony be preserved in the city of Florence and the State of the Great Duchy and cultural of the Medici collections “for the ornament of the State, and for the utility of the Common and to attract the curiosity of Foreigners”.

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