Mental health, five podcasts to listen to to learn more

HeyThe mental healthfinally, we are starting to talk more and more, and there are many podcasts that help us navigate this topic and get to know each other better, fighting stigma and prejudice. Here are some not to miss

THEn Italy only one young person in 12 claims to have complete mental well-being. A worrying fact, the one mentioned by the AXA Mind Health Report 2023, which should not be surprising, however: between the Covid-19 pandemic, wars and climate crises, the future looks increasingly uncertain and difficult, and it is in this climate of uncertainty that Mental health disorders are more likely to gain ground if they are not detected, diagnosed and treated in time.

According to the research carried out by Ipsos and carried out on a sample over 30 thousand people between 18 and 74 years old in 16 countries around the world, Italy is last in Europe in terms of mental well-being, and records the lowest percentage of people who feel a state of complete well-being. Without many surprises are the Boys those who pay the highest price, with 38% paying the consequences of uncontrolled use of technology and social media, are women, who are constantly fighting against the gender gap: over 40% of young people admitted that they felt challenge, and one in three women have received inappropriate and offensive gender-related comments.

The good news, in this bleak picture, is that mental health is clearly more talked about than in previous years, also thanks to World Mental Health Day, which every year means a number of initiatives are targeted to raising awareness of mental health problems and combating prejudice and discrimination.

Among the many tools available to people to learn more about the topic, but also to get to know each other better, are: podcasts. The major listening platforms have numerous original content from experts dealing with the issue of mental healthhelping to combat stigma and prejudice: here five to add to your playlist.

Me… beyond mental illness

This podcast is finally out World Mental Health Day. Consists of five episodes in which people who have dealt with mental illness – a former teacher, a maintenance worker, a mathematician, a young chef and a hairdresser – tell what it really means, beyond prejudice, to live with their pathology.

At their side is a team of experts to comment on a clinical level: the psychiatrist Gianluigi Nobili, Martha Giulianipsychotherapist and creator of the work, e Ruggero Radicihead of the Mental Health Area and Vice President of the La Rondine Social Cooperative.

The Psychonaut

This is his podcast Valerio Rosso, doctor, psychiatrist and psychotherapist, author of, one of the most read psychiatry and neuroscience blogs in Italy. In the episodes, which have now exceeded 500, Rosso tackles the topic of mental health from 360 degrees, ranging from anxiety disorders to drugs, from personality disorders to neuroscience.

Being great: perfect or happy

The most loved psychologist and psychotherapist on social media, Stefania Andreolis, already the author of several books, recently launched a new podcast in which he discusses topics such as family, sex, work and the anxieties of young adults. There are six episodes in total, in which Andreoli, famous for her “room”, talks to the journalist Barbara Stefanelli: from the right to fragility to the need to talk about mental health, from failure and responsibility of families, value and competition, everything is intertwined in the effort to become better people.


Mental health yes, stigma no: that’s the slogan of Erika and Jasmine, creators and hosts of Attractive, adopted for their podcast. Each episode lasts about half an hour and the topics covered are very different: “Our work is simple but no less complex – they explain – we hope to break down the stigma surrounding mental health. As? Talking about it and explaining that a life with a mental disorder is not a black and white life. It has many color shades and, of course, shadows. And that’s exactly where we want the light to reach.”


LiberaMente is a psychology podcast with stories, ideas and tips to “liberate our minds more every day”. With Matteo Neronipsychologist and psychotherapist specializing in management of anxiety disordersalternates ideas and revelation with practical exercises for awareness and meditation.

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