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docomfortable, practical, original. Ironic, too: rubber boots have earned a place among autumn-winter must-haves. Which ones to choose? Here is a selection of online models!

When the temperatures start to drop, dilemmas related to clothing always arise. One of the most widespread, at this stage, is the following: “which boots are in fashion in 2023?”. The choice is wide, from cuissardes to second skin models. but on the other hand there is a particular type that confirms its charm: the rain boots. That is, rubber boots, of which we find a huge variety on the Internet.

Born for practical reasons, long considered only work shoes, they have been out of customs for a while now. It is imposed on the fashion scene and it is happening a wild card for autumn winter looks. They give an edge to these same looks. Undeniably useful on gloomy days, today they are worn even when the sun shines high in the sky. Unleashing creativity when it comes to combinations and choosing from a myriad of models. Speaking of choice: haven’t reached your verdict yet? So there you go a selection of rubber boots to buy online!

Cyclist inspiration

Let’s start with a model inspired by classic cycling bootstherefore in perfect “motorcycle style”. rain boots with an urban feel and indestructible, also thanks to the sturdy thick sole. Colour? Black, obviously. They go perfectly with skinny jeans.

Ankle boots

Among the most popular versions of the moment we find the rubber boots. Which go very well with cropped jeans and chinos but can also be worn over super skinny trousers. Comfortable and cool. And of course on rainy days they do their job perfectly. Puddles, we are not afraid of you!

… Fantasy!

The women’s rain boots lend themselves to multiple interpretations. Also original and very lively. Then you can choose a version characterized by fantasy prints and more or less intense color combinations. And so, even the gloomiest days will not extinguish the energy. Password: I dare.


Speaking of patterns: among Amazon’s rain boots we found these too. Well, yes, in this case the triumph is the animal. But without exaggeration, as you can see. Also because they only go up to the ankle.


Elegance is not one of the main features of rubber boots: this statement was true until recently, not anymore now. Because we find versions with a distinctly elegant and refined design. If you then add the gloss effect, Even better. Wear with a pair of pants, wow!

With a plateau

Another variation on the theme, also undeniably interesting: the platform rain boots. Super girly and delicious. Again, nothing over the top. Just a trick to lift yourself up a bit. On the bad days and all the other days too!

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