A solidarity shop to provide eye care in the Global South

THE23, 25, 26 November 2023, hADI Design Museum of Milan will host Fair Valueshumanitarian organization solidarity boutique CBM of Italy, which will offer 2,000 design, fashion and beauty products donated by numerous Italian companies at discounted prices. Proceeds will go to CBM Italia’s ‘Out of the Shadow’ campaign

On November 23, 25 and 26,ADI Design Museum in Milan will be the focus of an important event: the “Fair Values” solidarity boutique, promoted by CBM Italia. An event that offers a unique opportunity to prepare for Christmas, allowing visitors to choose from a huge selection of over 2000 design, fashion and beauty products generously donated by numerous Italian companies and which, starting at just €20, will offer discounts up to 70%.

The amount raised will make a significant contribution to the campaign “Out of the Shadows”which aims to provide eye care in the Southern regions of the world through the projects implemented by CBM Italia, from prevention to treatment and rehabilitation of visual impairments.

Who is CBM Italia?

CBM Italia is a humanitarian organization committed to the prevention and treatment of avoidable blindness and disability, as well as the inclusion of people with disabilities in developing countries and in Italy. In 2022, CBM Italia completed 43 projects in 11 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America, reaching a total of 976 thousand people, as well as 15 projects in Italy. CBM Italia is part of CBM – Christian Blind Mission, an international organization recognized by the WHO for its century-long commitment to providing accessible, high-quality eye care.

CBM Italia's Peek Vision project in Ethiopia
CBM Italia’s Peek Vision project in Ethiopia

The Fair Values ​​event program

In addition to the solidarity shop, CBM Italia has organized a program full of events aimed at all ages. Here is the three-day schedule:

Thursday 23 (11:00-15:00): the day will be dedicated to the initiative “Looking at yourself with new eyes”, in which the expert Laura Pizzi will offer personal image consultations and share knowledge about color therapy. Entry is free and open to all.

Saturday 25 (18.30-20.30): the “Enastro aperitif” with the chefs will be held on Saturday Viviana Varese and Cesare Battistiwith the special participation of ambassadors Filippa Lagerbäck and Marisa Passera. To participate in this experience it is necessary to make a reservation on the official website of CBM Italia at a cost of 40 euros, which will directly contribute to the cause.

Sunday 26: the day includes two special events. The flower designer Letizia Chiarini will feature exclusive herbal concoctions (also available for purchase) from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Also, from 11am to 1pm, children aged 5 to 10 will be able to participate in the ‘See, Touch, Feel’ sensory workshop. .. I accept!” which will guide them in designing spaces that are inclusive and accessible to all, utilizing the five senses and design techniques. This workshop is organized in collaboration with ADI Museum Junior Lab and requires a reservation on the official website of CBM Italia at a cost of 10 euros.

Artwork donated by six Italian illustrators will also be on display during the three-day event: Emiliano Ponzi, Elisa Talentino, Pierluigi Longo, Valeria Petrone, Serena Gianoli and Andrea Mongia, who joined forces in the “Illustrators united for ight” project. These images will also be available for purchase and the proceeds will contribute to CBM Italia’s health projects in the Global South.

Here to register for upcoming events.

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