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HeyA new aesthetic arrives on TikTok, full of mystery and charm. Which speaks of a romantic, slightly brooding woman… Or maybe just ironic, who knows?

This summer, the Tomato girl was the star of the fashion scene and made a killing of hearts. But with the change of season he must (for now) step aside. The TikTok Fashion Trends speak clearly: make way for the Gloomy girl. Someone called it “spooky”, but they are wrong. This aesthetic, which is actually expected from the Fall Winter 2023 2024 fashion shows, is something more. A clever play of light and shadow, a particular interpretation of retro style but also a strategic mix of other moods launched by social media. Are you a Gloom girl? Or could you… be?

Somber girlish mood: black dress with transparencies and sparkling details
Somber girlish mood: black dress with transparencies and sparkling details

Who are the Gloomy girls?

Do you know the Coquettish girls? Romantic, sensual and at the same time innocent, a bit dreamy. Lovers of lace and lace, well-measured slides. they find inspiration in bygone eras and are fascinated by – among other things – Victorian fashion. Here you are: imagine that at some point they turn towards the gothic-chic style. Which leads directly to his presence Jenna Ortega and his Wednesday Addams, so to speak.

Imagine if they decide that let their “dark” side emerge. But they are not at all sad or annoying. They appear mysterious, probably. Enigmatic and sophisticated. Aware of their femininity and not without some irony. Instead.

Black and white look: silk slip dress with lace detail + faux fur jacket
Black and white look: silk slip dress with lace detail + faux fur jacket

Gloomy girl’s clothes

How does Gloomy girl dress? She is attracted to him lace and lace, exactly. And from silk, smooth and convincing. He prefers long and midi dresseseven better if with effect I see-I don’t see. But she can surprise with cats, pleated mini skirts, fishnet stockings. He also has a soft spot for them slip dresstulle or chiffon skirts and corsets. And she likes to see her underwear, at the right time. The culottes? They absolutely cannot be missed.

As for outerwear, he chooses it trench and the large double-breasted coats. But she allows herself, when she wants to, charming jackets. Maybe with feathers or fake fur. Pay special attention to those stylistic elements that can evoke distant times and almost dreamlike atmospheres: embroidered collars, fine glitter details, puffed sleeves. Ruffles and ruffles. He loves bows!

Semi-sheer lace midi dress with exposed retro underwear
Semi-sheer lace midi dress with exposed retro underwear

Favorite colors

It goes without saying: Gloomy girl prefers i monochromatic looks and solid colors in general. Black and white they don’t argue, they take the stage. But they go side by side lunar and neutral shades, however clear. We start with beige. And after? The color gradations – always sober – that convey an idea of ​​”dusty”, for something from other times. Like they were items found in grandma’s trunk, in short. And sometimes, maybe, it really is!

Sad girl
White midi dress + accentuated corset

The stylistic “dissonance”.

This is a fundamental step: Gloomy girl is an expert in stylistic dissonance. From mixed match, to better understand each other. This means that it combines the previously examined elements with others that are clearly modern. She can wear an ethereal slip dress and an oversized blazer, for example. A black lace dress and thick combat boots. Full length skirt with the classic white shirt of men’s cut. Nothing but grim: great fun!

Men's shirt + black midi dress + platform sandals and see-through socks
Men’s shirt + black midi dress + platform sandals and see-through socks

… And the shoes?

Finally, the shoes. And in this regard, the range of options is undeniably rich. Maximum freedom. Undoubtedly Mary Janes and loafers are at the top of the preference ranking, but the dark Gloomy girl She also wears platform sandals, classic boots and boots of the most different types. Sneakers of course! Just to create it dissonance over. He simply lets himself be guided by the mood of the moment. It confuses ideasand this gives her great satisfaction!

Long romantic dress with lace + moccasins
Long romantic dress with lace + moccasins

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Black low back lace dress (H&M)


Slip dress with lace embroidery (REISS)


Black Rhinestone Mesh Leggings (GENNY)


Shirt with ruffles (PINKO)


Satin midi dress (TWINSET)


Short fur jacket (PATRIZIA PEPE)


Ivory crepe top (MIU MIU)


Pleated Mini Skirt (ZARA)


Georgette shirt with bow and ruffle (RALPH LAUREN)


Asymmetric dress with frills (RITA ORA X PRIMARK)


Mary Jane in patent leather (SERGIO ROSSI)



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