From Around the World: Civil Rights News for July 2023

Nonew appointment with the monthly column open civil rights: in July we will talk about adoptions for same-sex couples, bullying that eventually becomes a crime and the decriminalization of prostitution

Ciai is open to adoptions by gay couples or singles

In weeks of controversy over the line the government has decided to take on the issue of official recognition of rainbow families, the Hellothe Italian Children’s Aid Center, decided to take an important and opposing position.

One of the most famous adoption centers in Italy, active since 1969, decided to support the possibility adopt or delegate a child even for singles and same-sex couples. The debate on the subject, within the framework of the CIAI, began in 2012 through a series of in-depth studies at the scientific and legal level, which eventually led it to state that “adoption and foster care by same-parent and unmarried couples represent: for boys and girls, the same valid opportunity to have a stable family and secure affections compared to a heterosexual family’.

A statement that takes on particular significance in light of his recent decision public prosecutor’s office of PaduaOf challenge the birth certificates of 33 children of gay couples, a measure added to blocking transfers. And in recent years, requests for adoption from same-sex or unmarried couples have increased significantly, blocked by a now-obsolete law, 184 of 1983, which allows adoption “only to spouses who have been married for at least three years, including the lack of personal separation, not even de facto”. Ciai’s position therefore represents a fundamental step towards achieving a system that allows adoptions regardless of family model.

Bullying becomes a crime

The intimidation it will officially become a crime punishable by a variable penalty from one year to 6 years and 6 months, while for minors they end up being assigned to social services or the community. The bill was unanimously approved by the Judiciary Committee and is ready to go to the House and Senate for consideration and a final vote.

To date, the only criminal offense – with Law 71/2017 – is cyberbullyingwhich in Article 1, paragraph 2, defines cyberbullying as “any form of pressure, aggression, harassment, extortion, insult, defamation, defamation, identity theft, alteration, illegal acquisition, manipulation, illegal processing of personal data against minors, carried out electronically, as well as the dissemination of online content that also targets one or more members of the minor’s family, whose deliberate and dominant purpose is to isolate a minor or a group of minors by engaging in serious abuse, malicious assault, or ridicule” .

For bullying, however, there was no legally recognized definition and it was not formulated as a specific crime. Instead, the bill introduced in February aims to fill this gap by introducing article 612-a of the criminal code on the crimes of intimidation and cyberbullying, for which a prison sentence is provided for those who “by repeated behavior, by violence, insult, defamation or defamation or any other appropriate act intimidates, threatens or harasses someone, as in a situation of severe psychological servitude or isolation from his social context’, and a prison sentence of two to eight years if the same acts are committed ‘via the internet or mobile network’.

The House, thanks to the work of the Judiciary Committee and the unanimous majority and opposition vote, has therefore fill that gapalready noted by the SC with various penalties.

Estonia approves marriage equality

what it means to be abrosexual

LARGE’Estonia is the first of the Baltic countries to approve it equal marriage. Same-sex unions were legally recognized in the country in 2016, but marriage continued to be allowed only between people of the opposite sex. From 2024However, two adults will be able to marry “regardless of sex” thanks to the approval by Parliament of new amendments to the Family Law Act.

Everyone should have the right to marry the person they love and with which they want to commit – said Prime Minister Kaja Kallas, who took over the leadership of the country last March – With this decision we finally join the other Nordic countries and all the other democratic countries in the world in which marriage equality Today same-sex marriage in Europe is allowed by Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Iceland, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, the Netherlands, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland Italy is obviously missing where only civil unions are envisaged and recognised.

Estonia’s decision will also mean that gay couples who marry will be able to adopt children.

Maine is the first US state to decriminalize prostitution

The Maine is the first American state to decriminalization of prostitution. Democratic Gov. Janet Mills signed into law Act 1435, which aims to reduce sexual exploitation through decriminalization.

The law was promoted by MP Lois Galgay Reckitt, who described it as “the most responsible and effective way to help victims the sex trade, especially of children. It’s long overdue since we needed to better protect and decriminalize those who practice prostitution without legalizing pimps and the purchase of sex.”

The rule, the Associated Press explains, also makes language changes to state law, renaming the offense of “aiding in prostitution a minor or person with an intellectual disability” to “commercial sexual exploitation of a minor or person with an intellectual disability” and the offense of “attracting a minor for the purpose of prostitution” in “solicitation of a minor for the purpose of commercial sexual exploitation”. In short, the strategy is to protect the victim and thereby reduce the demand for paid sex, a method that has already been adopted – successfully, according to the data – also in Sweden, Norway, Iceland, France, Canada and Ireland.

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