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AND a timeless look that Alessandra Mastronardi chose to show off for her wedding: a diva dress from a bygone era that still takes your breath away today

Alessandra Mastronardi marries the love of her life, the dentist Gianpaolo Saninowith a very elaborate ceremony at Capri. The actress, who stayed in our hearts for roles like Eva de The Cesaroni and Alice Allevi ne The student she hit the nail on the head by choosing a dress that fits her perfectly.

Marriage is an act of faith, a wonderful and courageous gesture made by two and by free choice. Do it with me style, refining and taste, without leaving it in excess, especially in the jet set, exceeds every expectation of the audience. Alessandra Mastronardi chooses Capri as the location, being the Neapolitan that she is, and chooses a look that, in its simplicity, fits her like a glove.

There girl with soap and water that we learned in the Italian TV series where she started acting, very young but already very talented, has become woman. She married her partner Gianpaolo, 42, at 37, but their affair continued for a full 17 years of chasing each other and losing sight of each other before the story came to fruition.

Alessandra Mastronardi is a bride from a bygone era

Let’s talk about dress: Alessandra Mastronardi’s choice fell on a antique white dressresult cropwith an old-fashioned cut and a very special taste that embellishes its beauty Mediterranean. The square and clear neckline, good tone, frames the chest without emphasizing it. The lace sleeves, long to the wrists, allow a glimpse of the not too tanned skin of the actress and complete a vision reminiscent of these photos. Yes, those photos that almost all of us have at home, of a mother or an aunt, who many years ago got married in their long-sleeved dress (maybe balloon-style, for some of us) and an ocean of lace that was so sophisticated back then .

Alessandra Mastronardi is a classic bride, but at the same time very trendy. What better than a vintage touch to your wedding wardrobe? The hair is tied a soft hairstylecleverly hidden under the veil which falls, not too far, at the height of the hips.

There the skirt opens in pleats wide that skims the floor, and the classic cut of the top, tight but not too tight, perfectly matches the beauty of Mastronardi. The most precious jewel of this look? The his smilebeaming for the photographers and cameras that caught her in the act.

Alessandra and Gianpaolo met and met later The Cesaroni, but the story foundered shortly thereafter because, according to the magazines, Sannino had little sympathy for the entertainment world. They reunited two years ago and hit it off on July 8, 2023 their dream of love, to get married in Capri.

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