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sinumber of views for the hashtag #boxershorts: an interesting, easy and effective trend. But you have to interpret it correctly!

The hashtag #boxer shorts it racks up views, millions upon millions. A new trend conquered – starting from the catwalks – the TikTok universe and, consequently, street style: men’s boxer shorts as shorts, exactly. They are worn like shorts, with the right cheek. The best thing is to make them the protagonists of the outfit!

Men's boxers

A meeting of trends

Men’s boxers used by women as shorts, that’s what’s new fashion statement. And it is not a simple idea, but already pure reality: it confirms it the increase in sales in the men’s underwear divisions. And if TikTok acted – as always – as a sounding board, we must say that this trend has been in the air for a while.

THE women boxers it’s nothing new. And indeed, lately they have found their appeal again thanks to its trend exposed underwear: they peek out from skirts and low-waisted trousers, they show through sheer dresses and the result is undeniably glam. Let’s add that the genderless fashion is gaining (and that’s a good thing) growing consensus. the fact that boxers have lost the “identity” to become liquids fits this development perfectly. Mixing up the facts, the new trend is coming.

Men's boxers

Which boxers to choose

Okay, you like this idea. But which men’s boxers are best suited for a “transformation” into shorts? A clear identikit comes from the catwalks and from TikTok: high waisted and oversized. Not stretchy, but soft and loose (=even more comfortable!). As for the fantasies, it remains essentially the same classic stripes or up print control. The perfect alternative is solid color. The most lively and indeed “tasteful” prints, in this context, are not the best.

Men's boxers

How to wear men’s boxers

It goes without saying: men’s boxers fit perfectly tank tops, cropped tops, t-shirts. In short, we’re still talking about shorts. But the combinations that best reflect this new TikTok trend go further. The question becomes wiser and more subtle: we continue to “play” with the men’s wardrobe.

It means boxers are worn with men’s cut shirts and blazers: here, these are the perfect combinations. But then you play again, choosing instead pure girly accessories. High heeled and/or jeweled sandals, slingbacks, even slippers or pumps. Mini bags for carrying in the hand or shoulder bags, but always in small dimensions. The extra touch? THE visible socks.

Men's boxers

Want some ideas for men’s boxers? Here is our gallery!


Poplin boxer briefs (UNIQLO)


Striped boxer briefs with monogram


Striped boxers (AMI PARIS)


Colorful striped boxer briefs (GAP)


Cotton and silk twill boxer briefs with tone-on-tone monogram pattern (DIOR)


Silk boxers (TOM FORD)


Knitted cotton boxer briefs (HANRO)


Boxer with letters on the elastic band (TOMMY HILFIGER)



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