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HDo you want to treat yourself or a pair of earrings but are indecisive? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered: here’s a selection of the hottest deals on the web!

“Earring therapy also does a lot. “Going out and buying a pair of earrings is better than a session of psychotherapy.” Luciana Littizzetto in his book The Princess and the Pea. And without taking anything away from the benefits of psychotherapy, we can only agree. Treat yourself – but also receive as a gift – brand new earrings it’s a real treat, a tribute to legitimate vanity. A way to love yourself, a foolproof move to brighten up your days… sort of. To celebrate even the most beautiful days. In short: it’s always the right time for such a purchase! But what are the earrings to buy online spring summer 2023?

First, they return to the scene straight from the 1980s and 1990s the crosses. They don’t lose charisma ear cuff and – in the wake of the “chain tension” – acquire values chain earrings. On the other side there are the evergreen: circles and ribbons, light spots, earrings. After talking a lot about jewelry, we did a good search online for earrings, here are the most glamorous suggestions!

The headband set

Let’s start with a must have: i circles. We found a set of silver earrings in different diameters, namely 8/10/12. They are enriched by small zircons that give brightness to the face. If you have multiple ear piercings, you can also wear them all. Optimal!

The chain earrings

When it comes to chain earrings, we have two options: choose it voluminous editionswith great visual impact or walk together the path of essentiality. And in this regard, we like this model consisting of a thin silver chain and a crystal at the end. Very stylish and also very versatile.

Pendants and sparkles

Dangle earrings are perfect for summer because they enhance not only the face but also the neck and shoulder line. So let’s go there sparkling trendwhich is among the most powerful of the moment: here is a pair of earrings from woven pattern, enriched with thin rows of colored zircons. This is also a perfect gift idea!

The cross earrings

THE jewelry with the cross they take us right back to the eighties and yes, the first thing that comes to mind is Madonna. They are back in fashion, let’s talk first necklaces but also his earrings. And if the flashy versions aren’t your thing, here’s an interesting alternative: circle and cross earrings in mini size, which, however, don’t go unnoticed at all. In addition to black, there are other colors.

Ear cuff

But how cool and comfortable they are ear cuff, i.e. earrings to be worn in the upper or middle part of the ear (and without the need for a hole)? And above all: why settle for one or two when you can find them among the earrings to buy online rich set? Like this one, consisting of 25 pieces!

The pearl earrings

A great classic and trend this season: the pearl earrings. And in this case we recommend it absolute simplicity: a single pearl, to be sure. If the budget is limited, no problem: there are many proposals made with artificial pearls. They are earrings that are worn 24 hours a day, in every occasion. Even in the most formal contexts.

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