Bullying, a training opportunity in schools in Trento

PiFor the school year 2023/2024, the Da Vinci Science High School and the Sophie Scholl Language High School have launched the first Rondine section, an experimental track that integrates teaching with the regenerative experience of the “Rondine Method”

The intimidation it is also fought through education and awareness, the cornerstones of prevention, and from these bases schools Trend they began by starting, first in Italy, a certification path which allows us to prevent and fight bullying at school. For the school year 2023/2024, in fact, Da Vinci Science High School and Sophie Scholl language high school they started it first division Rondinean experimental path that integrates teaching with the regenerative experience of a recognized method, the Rondine method, capable of turning conflicts into opportunities for growth and exchange.

The starting point of the project was the survey conducted between December 2022 and January 2023 in 2,809 students of lower secondary education and in some cases fourth and fifth grade primary schools of 7 institutions, the results of which were presented in Educa Festivalon the sidelines of the lecture “Education in conflict management” held by Franco Vaccari, founder of Rondine Cittadella della Pace, the international organization committed to reducing armed conflicts in the world and spreading its methodology for the creative transformation of conflict in every frame.

The survey was conducted among nearly 3,000 students

The main purpose of the certification process is to develop the skills of students and teachers to improve the climate in the classroom and the school, and therefore to have an impact on the quality of relationships in the school: “We started with three schools and started experimenting – said Paola Pasqualin, director of the Trento 5 Comprehensive Institute – Today in the city of Trento we have undertaken the certification process for the prevention and fight against bullying in all 7 comprehensive institutes, which will be completed with the audit in May. The first step is the risk assessment, followed by the need to define the bullying policy and finally the operational plan, i.e. the actions carried out within a school community. The last step is education for all. But the starting point was the questionnaires of 2,809 students.”

The survey conducted at the institutes saw students answer a range of questions: from “what is bullying(78% of children answered “a serious phenomenon involving two or more children who are not friends, in which one or more children have more power than the other or others”), to “what advice would you give to a friend in case of bullying” , passing through “how to help boys and girls who are bullied” and “how do you deal with bullying”. In the first case, most children showed that they know that bullying can only be overcome if they report it and/or by talking to an adult, in the second more than half answered that it is necessary to talk about it, preferably all together in class . In the question “how do you behave in case of bullying”, 23% of children said they had intervened in defending the victim by telling the bully to stop, while 19% “walk away”, trying not to get involved.

Bullying: 15% of teenagers are victims of it in Italy

The collaboration of the schools of Trento with Rondine was born about 10 years ago and has educated several generations of students: “After the start of the project – said Viviana Sbardella, school superintendent of the province of Trento – which brings the children of the schools of Trento for to choose spend the fourth year at Rondine instead of abroad, we decided to strengthen this partnership by exporting the Rondine Method to our schools to have the same impact and effectiveness in educating citizens. In the 2023-2024 school year, two institutes in Trento will start the first Rondine classes, which require important teacher training and teacher establishmenta new figure, facilitator of relationships, who accompanies students and teachers on the path and in the many extracurricular activities”.

Why is the weight of hate speech still underestimated?


Why is the weight of hate speech still underestimated?

According to data published in February 2023 by the Istituto Superiore della Sanità through the HBSC Italia Surveillance System on the occasion of the National Day Against Bullying and Cyberbullying, in Italy approx. 15% of children are victims or have been victims of bullying, with a rate of 20% in children aged 11 (1 in 5), and 10% in older children. The data was collected through a survey involving a representative sample of children aged 11, 13 and 15, which confirmed that the phenomenon is unfortunately homogeneous, with rates that do not vary greatly from one area to another, and that the incidence of bullying appears to to be stable over the years, while cyberbullying has seen an explosion in 11- and 13-year-olds strongly linked to the spread of social networks.

What is the Rondine Method against bullying

The Rondine method of conflict resolution, applied in schools, takes the form of the “Rondine Fourth Year”, a training and study opportunity recognized by the Ministry of Education as experimental route for teaching innovation is addressed to seventeen-year-olds from all over Italy from Classical, Scientific and Humanities high schools, to attend the fourth grade in the village of Rondine, an international setting where the transformation of the conflict is experienced. An innovative school that combines the study of the disciplines of the three lyceums, with a path of development and deep self-awareness to work on the emotional and relational dimension, to learn to assimilate and process the stimuli of global society, Face the future and the challenges synchronicity with confidence and define your own life’s work.

Franco Vaccari, founder and president of Rondine Cittadella della Pace, a Rondine method school psychology teacher, explained that the goal of the Rondine method is to frame the school as “an institution that serves the community. Teachers have the task, with their absolute freedom, to build conflictual relationships for creating an educational habitat dedicated to development of young people. The word conflict must stop being synonymous with war and become a positive word. In a classroom you should not be afraid of conflict, because it is in conflict that the effort to build relationships is found, and conflict is precisely our vital energy and the tool of transformation for personal and social development.”

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