Deep and sensual back neckline: Alessia Marcuzzi’s look

TObold and very sensual: Alessia Marcuzzi’s low-back look is the peak for summer evenings

Daylight saving time, its time bold neckline on the back: Alessia Marcuzzi reveals it to us in a decidedly sensual look, characterized by a plunging and very elegant neckline. The presenter and actress thus joins the ranks of VIPs who have relaunched the bare back trend, ideal for facing the hot summer evenings with style and glamour.

On Instagram, Alessia Marcuzzi posted a photo in which she flaunts a very soft black dress with a plunging neckline that shows off her perfect back. To make everything even more elegant, apply a jeweled pendant right at the end of the neckline.

Backless style has always been a guarantee and a trend that, in fact, has never gone away. Thanks to this neck’s ability to make its mark. In fact, a prominent cleavage is noticed immediately, while the cleavage is only noticed later, with an excellent result. Moreover, as Alessia Marcuzzi teaches us, this type of neckline allows you to leave the bra at home: a real liberation, especially in summer.

So it’s no coincidence that many celebs have let themselves be won over by the low-back which this year more than ever also comes in a daily edition. Without forgetting the many variations, from the softest to the rigid, passing through the -very elegant- with necklaces and jewelry.

But how do you show off a neckline like this? The V-shaped is undoubtedly the one that allows you to play more with the depth, so you will need to balance covering the front area, but mainly focusing on very smooth fabrics and without special decorations. If you are a beginner, choose a cross neckline, undoubtedly the most common. It gives more structure and is more opaque and stable, allowing you to play bright patterns and colors.

A neckline of this type can be used almost anywhere and is particularly versatile, both with wide models, for beach party, than with tighter versions. It is also worth trying the neckline with slits and openings, but above all the very elegant round. For a truly eye-catching glowing effect. And the colors? And here everything depends on the occasion and the type of back you choose. Of course – Alessia Marcuzzi teaches – black is always a guarantee, better if combined with accessories that shine in silver or gold.

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