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Un summer without a hat? You can’t even imagine. Indeed, let’s treat ourselves to a nice online shopping session, hunting down trendy models!

A hat saves us. Especially in the summer: it protects from the heat and the sun’s rays, it is proactive when the hair is not in the best condition (in short, when we tie our hair and leave), it is a touch of style that does not require commitment and guarantees excellent results. He also becomes an accomplice in “intrigues” and eye games, which should not be underestimated. So let’s get straight to the point: what are the summer hats 2023 trendiest of the moment? Here’s one selection of models to buy online; in these temperatures, shopping with just a few clicks – maybe while sipping a cold drink – has no equal!

Bucket hat

The fisherman model – or bucket hat – remains firmly among the hat trends. Indeed, it has now been promoted to the rank of must have. And it can be worn in all seasons, even if summer is when it’s at its best. You can choose between colorful modelsvery lively, and monochrome versions. Which guarantee a higher level of flexibility. But let’s indulge in some charming details!

Straw hat with wide brim

The straw hat it is the quintessential summer accessory. Especially now that he’s been released from his label beach hat: we wear it whenever and wherever we want, is now the protagonist of our daytime looks. Not only when it comes to holiday destinations, but also in the city. With a wide-brimmed model, you’re on the safe side. And it always gives that “diva” look, a little mysterious, that we like so much!

Baseball cap

… And then, of course, there’s our favorite baseball cap! Which seems to have magical powers, because she always manages to look glam. We chose a perfect model american style, decorated with letters but overall minimalistic. It is one of the most in-demand hats for summer 2023 online.

Trilby hat

This is the stuff of real fashionistas: the trilby hat, characterized by a narrow and slightly upturned brim. In the sixties and seventies, it was the hat of wealthy gentlemen. After a period in which he practically disappeared, here he is among us again. More trendy than ever, especially in the straw versions.

Boonie Hat

Are you looking for summer hats 2023 that make a difference and want to buy them online? Do you have an adventurous nature and love casual style? If all the answers are yes, the perfect choice for you is boonie hat. It has a military origin, introduced into the US Army during the Vietnam War. in fact it is also called jungle hat. AND in fabric, looks a bit like a bucket hat but has a wider and stiffer brim. Often also a chin strap. Very cool!

Summer hats 2023: Panama

On the beach, maybe combined with one linen shirt which acts as beach cover. in the city, in a long dress with a full skirt. With shorts, minis, even tops and baggy pants: the legendary Panama hat goes well with the most varied outfits. And it’s always chic, no argument. A timeless classic.

Which hat did you choose?

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