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TOWe reviewed the summer collection of the well-known Spanish brand: here are the proposals at super discounted prices that you should not miss!

Zadar is one of the most well-known and respected fashion brands, owes much of its success to it transversely. We are not only referring to the numerous collections, shaped by different stylistic inputs, but also to the ability intercept different targets. Although it is fast fashion, everyone likes it. Even to celebrities everywhere: the first thing that comes to mind is Kate Middletonbut they are also part of the big group Olivia Palermo, Lily Collins, Chiara Ferragni, Julia Salemi. Do you also have a weakness for the Spanish brand? Then let’s go wild: Zara’s summer sales have started!

We have chosen 12 species which you can also buy at Zara online, with complete comfort. It is a combination of proposals perfectly in tune with current trends and more classic pieces, which are not afraid of sunsets. Let’s go!

1. White skirt with contrasting embroidery

EUR 59.95 - EUR 39.95
EUR 59.95 – EUR 39.95

The boho chic skirts they are a summer must: big and fresh, midi or maxi. This is white, high waisted with adjustable elastic, embellished with delicates contrasting black embroidery. The ease with which it can be combined is another strong point. a crop top is best.

2. Bermuda shorts with pockets and seams

EUR 29.95 - EUR 19.95
EUR 29.95 – EUR 19.95

Shorts are out of the question, but this year Bermuda they got their revenge. We have rediscovered them and now we can no longer live without them. These Zara shorts are undeniably cool pockets and seams, military green, with an elastic lace adjustable mid-waist. A tank top or top, a pair of sneakers or flat sandals and you’re done. But we see them well, in fact very well even with a medium heel.

3. Top Jewel

€12.95 - €5.95
EUR 12.95 – EUR 5.95

Speaking of tops: at Zara there are dozens of them, really for all tastes. We chose a specific one, decorated along the bottom edge with fringes and metallic embroidery. Stylish piece? Yes and no, in the sense that it also proves to be perfect in combinations with ultra casual clothes. One word, one idea: jeans!

4. Mesh dress

€39.95 - €19.95
EUR 39.95 – EUR 19.95

You already know: the transparent clothes they are at least modern. And transparency is not only given by ad hoc fabrics such as organza and tulle, but also by specific processes. Like crochet and netting. So let’s show you one mesh dress The Zara we really like: long, asymmetrical and with a round neck. Super discount.

5. Crochet shorts

EUR 22.95 - EUR 15.95
EUR 22.95 – EUR 15.95

We were talking about crochet, and this is a real gem for girls: the White crochet shorts, with a high and elastic waist. Great for going to the beach, but also for all day outfits that go with relaxation!

6. Platform flip flops

EUR 49.95 - EUR 29.95
EUR 49.95 – EUR 29.95

A summer without sandal we couldn’t even imagine it. They are very comfortable, glam, they match countless outfits. And if you want to “lift” check out these, in a platform version. the wedge is up 10.3 cm.

7. Raffia bag

EUR 39.95 - EUR 25.95
EUR 39.95 – EUR 25.95

When there are sales at Zara, shop too a purse it’s a natural instinct. They inside straw or racks it is one of the fashion crazes of the moment and this basket model with handles it seems to be calling us loudly. There is also a removable shoulder strap.

8. Satin cargo pants

EUR 39.95 - EUR 25.95
EUR 39.95 – EUR 25.95

also cargo pants they’re back on the fashion scene and will stay there for a long time, we’re sure of it. Among the Zara proposals, here is a very original one: the fabric is smooth and light, the color is a purple one that gently draws attention. Promoted!

9. One shoulder blouse

EUR 15.95 - EUR 9.95
EUR 15.95 – EUR 9.95

With cargo pants – but not only – everything that is short fits: tops, t-shirts, corsets. One shoulder blouse it is the tension within the tension. And of course, browsing Zara’s summer sale we found one. Very simple but effective. Definitely a wildcard item.

10. Slingback loafers

EUR 45.95 - EUR 29.95
EUR 45.95 – EUR 29.95

There Zara shoes collection he is getting richer and richer summer sales It’s the right time to enjoy yourself. These pink slingback loafers with a square toe is the joy of fashionistas, without reservation.

11. Onesie with cut outs

€11.95 - €5.95
11.95 EUR – EUR 5.95

… Straight from the legendary eighties, here is the little body between us again. A decidedly welcome return, an easy but at the same time sensual garment. Even more if it responds to another trend: the cut. In this case, there are two rounded openings on one side. The neckline is round, the straps are wide. Closes at the back using automatic buttons.

12. High waisted cropped jeans

Which Zara jeans to choose for the 2023 summer sale? We thought about it for a while and finally decided on the following: cropped, high-waisted and with a washed effect. The tear on one knee is the extra detail!

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