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QWhich bag to take to the beach this summer 2023? If you haven’t decided yet, here is a selection of suggestions for buying online: trendy, yes, but also extremely practical!

From his point of view beach bags, we have (rightly) high demands. We want them to have the right space, we want to be able to fit the impossible inside. But at the same time, this ability should not compromise the image. Because it’s important to be fashionable even on the beach, of course. In addition, it is necessary that the beach bags is it practical? that don’t cause shoulder pain or anything like that. In short: what are the beach bags 2023 to buy online? Learn now!

Nautical style

If you are wondering what bag to take to the beach and you still haven’t decided, know that nautical style returns to the stage cooler than ever. The virtual white and blue stripesthe equally iconic Yet: bring a breath of joy and irony to the beach! And not only there, because this bag is also ideal for summer outfits.

XL beach bag

If you prefer them large beach bags, but really big, here is the model for you: highly sought after on the internet, because despite its size it is not at all bulky. And then we love this seashell and starfish print, definitely on theme! The material? 100% cotton inside and 100% canvas outside.

Straw bag

The straw bags they remain among the must accessories when it comes to beach fashion. Among the 2023 straw beach bags to buy online, we found this one: the special feature is the imitation leather shoulder strap that accentuates it the retro print. And it brings out the light and bright shade that characterizes the rest of the bag.


Summer rhyme with color. And indeed the women’s beach bag we show you is in demand, at least thanks to it that rainbow effect that cheers you up and at the same time is not over the top. Another advantage: the color combination is so rich that this bag matches any outfit. It is made of canvas and linen fabric.

Multiple pockets

… Are you one of those people who bring everything to the beach and want to be perfectly organized? You need a beach bag that is not only big enough, but also equipped more pockets. Large, medium, small. Internal and lateral. Here it is: it’s also overwhelming with its imagination and colors, don’t you think?

Animal print bag

Finally, one animal print beach bag. But different from all the others. Because the print in question, which is usually quite bold, in this case is very subtle. But yes lights up thanks to golden color. Which with the highlights of the sun, needless to say, forms the perfect combination. A very special and exciting model, right?

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