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THEthe one-shoulder, the ever-strategic push up, the bandeau model and more: focus on the two-piece swimwear to buy now!

… Everyone at the beach, finally! The long-awaited moment has arrived, you are already looking forward to long sessions on the beach without thinking about anything. And it’s obvious: an ad hoc shopping trip is urgently needed. At least one swimsuit it’s necessary, real it-girls know it well. From the other side, you can’t give up the bikini and there are no exceptions; swimwear takes a back seat, the desire to find a model that you feel comfortable with and that enhances your strengths dominates. But what are the 2023 online bikinis to buy this summer?

The Internet remains an irreplaceable source of inspiration and also an extremely comfortable medium: no stress, no discomfort from the heat. a few clicks and the bisected it’s yours. We make your shipment even easier: we have selected the trendiest models of the moment as well as the evergreen ones. The ones that never fell. Let’s move on!

Push up bikini

Well, of course: a “help” is always welcome! Ergo, the bikini with push up lining is and will remain a winning card. As long as the support in question is not excessive, otherwise the result is anything but harmonious. Among the most popular bikinis on the internet for 2023, there is this one: it is popular for the black and white combination – always a winner – and for the winning design in its simplicity.

Bikini with culottes

If you love the retro style or don’t feel 100% sure, the costume with high waisted panties it is the perfect choice. Stylish and extremely comfortable. We found one that’s a hit online: the black one, with a slanted bottom to match the shape and halter. This is fastens at the back of the neckleaving the shoulders bare (and no tan lines!).

The bandeau uniform

Talking about tan lines: if you really can’t stand them, the two piece bandeau swimsuit becomes mandatory. And welcome! We love this colorful model, which brings out the tan itself. The same colors return to the briefs, but with great subtlety. Another positive fact: the lining is removable.

Brazilian bikini

The sexiest bikini? She me brazilian briefs, The’re is no doubt. Revealing, yes, but not too much. Radiating. And it’s also more practical than you think. We’re aiming for a super basic model, black and with thin straps. It almost takes a back seat, the protagonist is the silhouette.

Bikini online 2023: the triangle

It was inevitable that among the online bikinis for the summer of 2023 we would also look for the iconic triangle! And check this out: It’s a sliding triangle bikini, which therefore allows you to vary the width based on the mood of the moment. More coverage, bolder: just the way we want it. Then they conquered this purple spot for us, the polka dot pattern and the thong briefs!

Two pieces with one shoulder

We complete our check with a model that has earned a place among the bikini trends of summer 2023: one shoulder. And here we let ourselves be guided by romance, choosing this model enriched with a kind of petals both at the top and at the bottom. PS: The cups provide useful but low profile support, good!

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