Zendaya’s look: oversized sleeves and minimal underwear

smallsustainable, romantic and decidedly sensual: the look that Zendaya chose to celebrate her 27th birthday has already won over everyone

On the occasion of her birthday, the new 27-year-old Zendaya posted on social media an ode to modern femininity, sensual and at the same time romantic, wearing an outfit that went viral in just a few hours.

Filming has been completed challengersthe Luca Guadagnino-directed film that sees her star alongside Josh O’Connor and Mike Faist, Zendaya treated herself to a few days of relaxation with Tom Hollandwith whom they have been a regular couple since 2021. And between a charity basketball game and a stroll through the sunny streets of Los Angeles, the American star had the opportunity to pose for photographer Alexandra Alva who captured her as a modern Botticelli fountain.

The designer outfit Hill Roadone of New York’s most beloved fashion brands, consists of three key pieces that have literally made the rounds of the web in no time.

Romantic charm and sexy details

But let’s take a closer look at this eclectic and sophisticated look. Bold aesthetics, large volumesabstract patterns in shades of purple and sexy details are the strengths of the look that Zendaya chose to celebrate her birthday on social media 27th birthday. The uniform consists, specifically, of a Bolero shirt made from sustainable cotton (like all the brand’s clothes are sustainable) with delicate decorations and pastel shades. The same embellishments can be found on the loose, high-waisted balloon skirt that covers the belly button and enhances the waist of the Oakland actress and singer.

The familiar jewel

This hymn to the sophistication of bygone eras is inextricably linked to the contemporary with a super sexy and seductive touch: theexposed jewelry underwear. In fact, Zendaya opts for a silver triangle bra with shimmering details that embellishes the whole look and gives a carefree and seductive touch. And what about beauty? Makeup with milk formal (it’s the hottest trend of the season) and a bon ton chignon perfect to give a sophisticated and timeless charm. And this time, the iconic Rue Bennett from Euphoria hit the mark.

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