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Gbright, comfortable, extremely versatile. Perfect for all seasons, as a top or down jacket. For you, a selection of extremely fashionable models and some useful tips!

For a long time female body has been limited to the lingerie department and/or identified with the dance world. It now retains both concepts, but has gone much further. Now is a garment to wear all year round: in summer as well as in winter and mid-seasons. To look and combine in a thousand different ways, creating clothes suitable for every context and time period. But which model to choose and how to match it? Nothing complicated. Let’s start with a selection of leotards to buy online and, step by step, dispel any doubts.

The strategic bodysuit

Let’s start with a decidedly strategic version: the nude bodysuit. Or a bare body, if you prefer. For starters, it can simply be worn – accurately – as undergarment. But it’s also a great solution if you love transparent dresses, which are so popular these days, and at the same time you wouldn’t feel comfortable without underwear. Let’s add that nude shades are neutral, which means this match any other color.

Like a tank top (white)

There white shirt continues to be loved by fashionistas, we know that well. ONE Passepartout in all effects. But have you ever tried the body version? You’ll fall in love with it, we’re willing to bet. Self jeans and denim shorts – or all other types – is the ideal supplement, you can also experiment with other combinations. The body tank top is welcome with the mini as well as with the i chino or palazzo pants. And when it starts to get cold, a blazer or denim jacket and you solved it.

With buttons

You like it shuffle the cards and do you prefer that the bodysuit is not immediately “recognized” as such? The solution is often in the details: decorations, applications, buttons. And in a fit that isn’t too tight. The women’s tank top is a nice move, rather low-cut and with small (and naughty) buttons. For casual and everyday wear.

Body shirt

Women’s bodysuits can be perfect for men too office uniform, work environments in general. Or for university. This is where it comes into play shirt version, which of course matches the suit. Worried about it being uncomfortable? The trick is to choose a model that contains a small percentage of elastane.

The evening bodysuit

Instead, you’re on the hunt for one elegant body shirt? Go with black. And maybe drive it transparency trend, deciding to what extent they should be granted. Because from super bold models to more sober ones, you really have no choice. A bodysuit like this is absolutely divine with a pencil skirt. And the high heel.


Onesie, we used to say. A deviation should also always be present in the drawers simple but delicious, to be worn without worrying too much about combinations. This goes with everything, in other words. See the most romantic bodysuits, with puffed or ruffled sleeves. The big advantage is that it works with ultra casual as well as more demanding clothes. Seeing is believing.

High neck

Finally, a female body which saves us in the coldest months: the wolf version. A perfect under jacket, but we suggest you also try the combo with a long cardigan. It undoubtedly looks great with classic patterned trousers and skirts, but it also plays with volumes and proportions. combine it, for example, with a pair of wide-leg jeans. Or oversized joggers, for a rapper look!

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