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dothey seduced this summer and will remain on the scene for autumn 2023. Thanks to the many variations that give originality and character to the outfits.

The cut out trend is still the fashion in the fashion universe, this is clear to everyone. But there’s a trend that’s climbing the popularity ratings, has found significant traction over the summer, and — it’s now official — is about to go further. It also gives us satisfaction when it comes to autumn and winter outfits. The new collectionsAfter all, it is a confirmation. Did you guess? We are referring to asymmetrical dresses.

Yes, “cuts” are often complicit in these interesting designs. But it is not a necessary condition. Because asymmetrical outfits can be done with other creative twists: neckline, slitsor just the desired irregularity of the silhouette. Why do they like it? Because they give originality and character to outfits. Because they allow us to enhance our strengths, whatever they may be. And because – let’s face it – they are a strategic choice to hide small imperfections (or supposed ones).

Dress short in the front and longer in the back

Short in the front and longer in the back: when it comes elegant asymmetric dresses, this is the most glaring deviation. The skirt can have a basic cut or be enhanced with frills and frills. In all cases, the result I see I don’t see it’s definitely stylish. It is preferable to wear high heels, because such clothes shorten the silhouette a little.

Asymmetrical dresses
Long asymmetric dress

One shoulder dress

The asymmetric one shoulder dress it is the tension within the tension. It dominated the runways and then landed in street style, seducing spring and summer. And the good news is that we also find it a star of the autumn collections. There long sleeve it emphasizes the design, especially if it is puffy or with soft volumes. We’re madly in love with these dresses, we admit it.

Asymmetrical dresses
One shoulder mini dress

Logical cracks

The asymmetric dress – casual or elegant – with oblique slit: here is another very powerful weapon of seduction. You can choose a model with a bolder or more subtle cut. if you want, dare. And when it comes to a short asymmetric dress with these features, well… it’s not for anyone. Even in these cases the heel is better.

Asymmetrical dresses
Dress with diagonal slit

The asymmetry is in the neckline

The neckline of dresses has become a prolific source of inspiration for designers, who thanks to this trend are moving away from traditional rules to deal with unpredictable shapes. They are not just irregular cuts, but also plays of textures and geometries, overlapping fabrics, surprising trajectories. Wow.

Asymmetrical dresses
Dress with asymmetric neckline

Asymmetrical cut dresses

We close the circle by returning to the starting point. Or rather in the happy meeting between irregular cuts and lines. Which finds the perfect representation in long asymmetric dresses. Just one recommendation: let the dress stay in the foreground, focus on simplicity when it comes to shoes and bags. And keep in mind that any jewelry could dominate the scene or in any case overshadow the intricacy of the cut.

Asymmetrical dresses
Dress with asymmetric cut out

It is now a kind of moral duty: here is ours themed gallery!


Chiffon dress short in the front and long in the back (PATRIZIA PEPE)


Short asymmetric dress with tassels (ZARA)


Paisley print long sleeve dress (GUESS)


Asymmetric dress with pleats on the back and side (FERRAGAMO)


Dress with long panel on right side (BALENCIAGA)


Embossed asymmetric dress (MASSIMO DUTTI)


Asymmetric pleated dress (MANGO)


Draped asymmetric dress (ROBERTO CAVALLI)


Viscose dress (H&M)


Stretch viscose crepe dress (PINKO)



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