WeWorld Festival, the event on the status of women in Milan

HeyThe event dedicated to people returns to BASE in Milan from May 26 to 28 women’s rights. This year’s central theme is the conquest of space. In every dimension

Three days of talks, discussions, performances, exhibitions and films, all with free access, to talk about the situation of women in Italy and around the world. Milan returns to host the May 26, 27 and 28THE WeWorld Festival, an event that reached its thirteenth edition this year.

WeWorld is an independent Italian non-profit organization active in 27 countries, including Italy, which carries out development cooperation and humanitarian aid projects to guarantee the rights of the most vulnerable communities starting from women, girls and boys. For thirteen years he organizes a festival in which he deals with his subject female condition looking at the 2030 agenda, according to which the well-being of people and especially women must be addressed in 360 degrees, looking in all directions and dimensions: economic, educational, environmental and socio-cultural.

Making room for rights in the world of work too

The slogan of the 2023 edition, which is planned for BASE Cultural CenterAnd “We conquer space”, understood as a space for rights, a space in work and professions, a space for a narrative of motherhood outside of stereotypes.

Along with the many guests expected on stage we will talk about consent, motherhood, economics, feminism, bodies and adolescence. Themes continued with previous years, particularly with the 2022 edition, where we talked about gender stereotypes and barriers that prevent women from realizing their potential: “This year we would like to go further and give an idea for a change – explain the organizers – In fact, complaining alone is of little usewe have to act and take back the space that no one wants to give to women”.

The protagonists of the WeWorld Festival

Many protagonists of the three days on stage at BASE, from the economist Azzurra Rinaldi to the journalist and podcaster Corinna de Cesare through the lawyer Cathy La Torrethe writer Teresa Sinkethe actors Antonella Questa and Valentina Melisthe activist and influencer Georgia Soleri. In addition, there will be talks, discussions and meetings Marina Cuollo, Lara Lago, Sara Ventura, Plural Male, Francesca Bubba, Driving Without a License, Lorenzo Gasparrini, Mica Macho, Annalisa Monfreda, Ilaria Maria Dondi, Giada Biaggi, Federica di Martino“The curtain in the living room” and many more and more.

The program includes talks, discussions, screenings and exhibitions

The program (here is the complete one) is therefore very rich. Festival attendees will be able to attend projections And concertsattend discussions, round tables And talkand they will also have the opportunity to visit the Photography exhibition Of Chiara Fossati of the Cesura collective, winner of the WeWorld reference to the Ponchielli Prize, which will bring “Comete!” at the Festival, a photographic series that tells the life, dreams and future prospects of teenagers in suburban areas of Italy. Photographer Alessandro Cinque will instead bring to the Festival “The Price of the Earth”, a moving project about the impact of mining on communities and the environment in South America.

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