Virginia Benzi, the influencer who talks about physics on social media

doin 1997, Genoese, Virginia Benji is its ambassador @generazionestem, the first community dedicated to women in the world of science. And use social media to spread the word

On social media, where she has thousands of followers, she is known by a name that is very reminiscent of a superhero from the Marvel universe: @quantum_girl_vivi. His superpower Virginia Benji26 years old, from Genoa, however, it has nothing to do with comics, but it is real and clearly specific: it is a scientific communication of Gen Za graduated in Physics that uses social media and video platforms to talk about science and bring entire generations closer to the subject, confirming that yes: not only can women talk about science (and practice related professions), but they do it a lot good.

Benzi has a master’s degree in the Physics of Fundamental Interactions: as she says, she studied at the Liceo Artistico, where she graduated and then “I decided to follow my instincts and enroll in a science school to delve into all aspects of physics that fascinated me ยป. There cosmologythe science that studies the universe is what fascinates and interests her the most, and on her channels she focuses on exactly this topic.

For less than a year, Benzi was its ambassador Gen_Shis ambassadors @generazionestemthe first social community dedicated to women in the world of science, and in this capacity recently visited CERN, theEuropean Organization for Nuclear Research of Geneva. The channel, active on Instagram, Tik Tok and LinkedIn, was launched on February 11, on her occasion World Girls in Science Day, and as the months passed, contributions to the dissemination of women increased exponentially: “With this project we want to dispel the false myth that science is not suitable for women – explained Virginia and her fellow ambassador, Sara Figura (@laboratologia ) at the start of the project – It is, indeed, and we are an example of this. We are many, but we could be even more if we support each other.”

Gabriella Greison:


Gabriella Greison: “Everything is connected and I’ll explain it to you with science”

According to figures from the University Ministry, in 2021 girls’ enrollments in IT and ICT courses increased by 15.74%, yet so-called STEM courses – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics – are traditionally associated with man’s world, although there are many women who excel and have achieved great results in the fields of science, technology, engineering, physics and mathematics. According Women on the digital scoreboardthe annual assessment index by which the European Commission evaluates the contribution of women to the digital economy, in 2021 at European level the gender gap in specialized digital skills was still clear, with Italy at the bottom of the tableahead of only Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria and Romania.

The only way to eliminate prejudices and achieve gender equality in this area too – which is, among other things, target set by the European Union for 2023is therefore to show (and prove) that young women have all the necessary skills to make their way into the world of science and innovation and start at a generational level.

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