Very strong, seven children and an extensive hiking history

THEin a society that is increasingly aware of its importanceinclusion, an extraordinary story of friendship, determination and solidarity emerges. Let’s talk about Very stronga group of seven men who, thanks to their passion for nature, are breaking new ground in the field of inclusive hiking

The social value of this work was recognized on February 24, 2023 at the Palazzo del Quirinale. The President of Democracy Sergio Mattarella agreed upon Very strong merit plaque “for the inclusive strength of their friendship”.

Let’s discover together the story of the Belfortissimi and the personal challenges they faced and the personal achievements they achieved thanks to their commitment and determination.

Hi guys, how did you come up with the idea of ​​Belfortissimi and why did you choose that particular name?
Belfortissimi is a group of children who live in Belforte all’Isauro (a small village in the interior of the Marche), first protagonist of some social projects in favor of the local community, then became an association specializing in inclusive and barrier-free hiking, following paths and trails in Italy and abroad (including the Camino de Santiago, Via degli Dei and Camino di San Nilo) with a ‘Joëlette’, i.e. an off-road wheelchair that allows disabled people to go on tours with the help of chaperones. Our name is simply an elevation to the nth degree of who we are and where we come from.

Yours is a friendship that lasts many years, how did it start?
What binds the team together is an authentic and genuine friendship that has existed since school and which has then been strongly cemented over the years.

What are the most significant challenges and difficulties you have faced along the various paths?
The routes themselves represent challenges and what makes them special is their unique configuration, i.e. the fact that they are a combination of athletic achievements (as their difficulty with Joëlette is notable and not for everyone) and unforgettable trips you take with friends your. The main difficulties encountered concern the physical-mental aspect, the aspect of coexistence and cooperation, the aspect of the pure path and finally that of accessibility.

What were the main goals you set for yourself on the various paths?
In fact, we never set any real goals other than those related to having fun and maximizing the enjoyment of experiences. Obviously, reaching the end of the various trails is always a unique feeling as it represents the culmination of a commitment and a lot of teamwork.

What was the last road? Can you tell us about any specific moments or memories?

Our latest project helped us on the Cammino di San Nilo, a 104 km route in the lower Cilento region, in the province of Salerno, which starts from Sapri and ends in Palinuro, crossing the Campania hinterland. Besides the thrill of departure and arrival, a memory we will carry with us will be the one connected to the wonderful people we met, their help and the welcome of ProLoco president Silvano Cerulli.

What was the most difficult route?
The various paths we followed are distinguished in their own way by difficulties. Certainly the longest and most enticing experience was that of the Camino de Santiago, however at trail level the Via degli Dei and the Camino di San Nilo presented greater obstacles.

What advice would you give to other people looking to embark on a similar journey, disabled or not?
Certainly the advice we can give is to throw yourself relentlessly into the experience, fully enjoying the journey, without too many goals or pretensions, but with the intention of living a story that can then be told with enthusiasm.

Plans for the future?
Yes, we have a new project in mind for 2024, however, not knowing its true purpose yet, we cannot say anything. All you have to do is follow us on social media and visit our website!

We are confident that your journey will continue to light up the world, inspiring others to overcome obstacles and discover the beauty of inclusion and the value of friendship!

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