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docomfortable, wrapped and shiny. The long cardigan maintains its position among the fashion trends and we offer you a selection of models to buy online!

No, the long cardigan It has not gone out of fashion at all. Indeed, it is among them autumn winter trends 2023-2024 more interesting than street style. Because it is comfortable, extremely practical, undeniably comfortable. But also why it is absolute champion of versatility: you can use it as an overcoat and then, when the cold weather comes, wear it under coats and down jackets. A fundamental about layering, in a nutshell.
What to wear with a long cardigan? Considering the soft design, it is ideal to “balance” with more structured clothes, even better if with a tailored cut: men’s shirts, classic trousers, mini skirts and mini dresses characterized by straight and simple lines. But combinations with T-shirts and tops, skinny jeans, leggings are also successful. In this case, balancing is based on volumes. Now how about a little online shopping? Here’s a selection of long cardigans you’ll find online that will win you over for Autumn/Winter 2023-24!

The pink cardigan

It’s not just because of him Barbiecore which we chose a Long pink cardigan. Did you know that this color positively affects our mood, conveying optimism and a sense of protection? Considering the nature of the garment itself, it is therefore a perfect shade. Let’s add the fact that bright colors (even bright colors) continue to be a must for the autumn and winter season and that’s it!


Asymmetric dresses, first and foremost with one shoulder, remain on the fashion scene for autumn winter 2023-2024. But speaking of asymmetries, what do you think of a cardigan that has just that particularity? With some curtainit really is the best.

Neutral and minimal

You are looking for one women’s long cardigan that it’s a simple, “battle piece” but works well with more elegant pieces? Here is: neutral and minimalistic, with knitted details (pockets and edges), very warm. Really pair with anything from jeans to a little black dress.

Knitted sweater

The long and “big” cardigans, that look like your grandma knitted them: amazing! As outerwear they are perfect even until November. And when the temperatures plummet, they make smart items to wear under down jackets and heavier coats. Also why they look bulky but they are not at all!

Colorful (but not too much)

ONE colorful women’s cardigan it’s always a nice idea. However, would you like it to be sober at the same time? We found the model to buy online that might be right for you: a maxi lines, only 3 neutral and dusty shades. Smooth, without buttons but with two front pockets.

The fringed cardigan

… And then there’s the ethnic patterned maxi cardiganas well as equipped with fringes. Also ideal for those who love country chic and boho chic styles. A garment with a great personality, which certainly does not go unnoticed and indeed becomes the absolute protagonist of the outfit.

The mid-calf cardigan, a little more or a little less, it not only wraps but can also be very chic. And get a twist of elegance that increases its degree of versatility. We chose a black cardigan, of extreme simplicity. A boss Passepartout which can “save” us in several cases!

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