Veronica Ferraro says yes: top and ring look to announce wedding

Veronica ferraro is ready for the wedding! The trendiest influencer announced her marriage to Davide Simonetta on Instagram (showing off a gorgeous look)

Top look and engagement ring: Veronica Ferraro thus announcing her marriage to Davide Simonetta. The fashion influencer is ready to swear eternal love to her boyfriend and decided to reveal it on Instagram with one super romantic and glamorous post.

Veronica is wearing one in the shot corseted corseted corseted corset paired with a simple yet gorgeous satin skirt. Both clothes are designed to perfectly frame Ferraro’s silhouette and, above all, are available in one of the colors of summer 2023: rose gold, perfect for accentuating a tan.

Naturally, however, all eyes are on the ring: a perfect piece of jewelry, in white gold with small-cut diamonds adorning its surface and, of course, with a diamond of considerable carat weight in the center, as tradition dictates. The ring has an almost blinding brightness, but the most important light is the one that also shines in the eyes of Ferraro, very much in love with her Davide.

A love story, theirs, born in Puglia two years ago and crowned by the marriage proposal, made during a vacation in that country. The influencer revealed that he received the big proposal with a song, titled I wanted to tell you.

A romantic surprise that moved her a lot. This is what he wrote in the very sweet Instagram post through which he gave his followers the wonderful news:

Two years ago I was in Apulia and someone named Simonetta called me. Neither of us knew who the other was, but we all thought we might like each other. “Hey, sorry about the shit” was the first thing I said to you. It wasn’t the right time but after a few months I realized they were right. And two years later you brought me here again and asked me to marry you. In the sweetest and most understated way possible. Why are you so. You did it with a song. Because there are always all the things you don’t say there.

Born in 1983, Davide Simonetta is known in the music world under the nickname d.whale. Composer, musician, producer and songwriter, he has written lyrics and songs for some of the most famous and beloved Italian artists.

Among them Emma Marrone, Annalisa, Nek, Marco Carta, Tiziano Ferro, Francesco Renga and Paola Turci. And, let’s not forget, among the last individual products there is Beautiful of Annalisa, a singer with whom he had a love story in the past. Today, however, there is only room in his heart for Veronica Ferraro.

In Instagram Stories, her best friend Chiara Ferragni dedicated very sweet words to Davide who is always stay by his sidesupporting her in her work as a fashion influencer around the world:

I don’t know what love is exactly, I just know that I’m waiting for you at the door every time you come home. I know you take me to the taxi at 5 in the morning every time I have to leave. Because you make me a better person every day, without asking in return. Because you are my home and loving you is a simple thing.

A riot of romance, in short. All we have to do is send our best wishes to the couple-to-be, already anticipating all the beautiful dresses Ferraro’s friends will show off for the occasion and most of all she, the gorgeous bride!

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