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THEn chiffon, transparent. Short, midi, long. In boho chic or very colorful style: choose your sarong for the summer of 2023 and buy it conveniently online!

You can just tie it front or to one side or fold first into a triangle creating an asymmetrical mini skirt. Yes maybe transform into a dress, wrapping it around the body and then joining the ends behind the neck. Wear it as a sheath dress or give it the shape of a one-shoulder dress: in short, ways to wear a sarong they are infinite. Like the horizons of this very simple yet chameleon outfit. The beach and the pool are natural locations, but the sarong skirt – paired in the right way – is also the best for a night out, an aperitif, a concert. In the city why not? If it’s not among your cult pieces, reverse course. Actually, let’s get started right away: here they are beach pareo 2023 to buy onlinewithout further hesitation!

Pareo in chiffon

The sarong is also the ideal alternative to cover up at the beach, you just need to choose the right one. This is simply flawless model in black chiffon with side slit, thanks to the interesting slides but also comfortable and practical. The belt, in turn, ties at the side: an extra touch!


You are looking for one colorful sea pareo? You can’t help but fall in love with this sarong, and just looking at it brings a good mood. A refined and happy triumph of colors, enhanced with exotic prints. Surprising!

Mini sarong

If you prefer a instead short pareo skirt, look at this: it’s made of polyester, transparent and cheap. Compact, it really fits in one hand. But at the right time you have an exciting and strategic leader at your disposal. Also available in colors red and white.

Boho chic

Dedicated to those who love it boho chic styleinstantly reminiscent of the seventies vibe: a 2023 beach sarong featuring bright colors and paisley patternsas well as from tassels which run across the entire edge. These sea blue notes are a real treat!

With tassels

Speaking of tassels, here’s another cool suggestion. It is one monochrome pareowe chose this subtle shade of pink but there are other options. The length is mididepending on how it is worn, it reaches the knee or a little lower.

Crochet pareo skirt

There crochet mania rages and also lands in his universe beach fashion 2023. We are always coordinated and voilà: a crochet pareo decidedly chic Also for use around town and – why not – for a holiday night out. Maybe in front of the sea. The even better thing? Transforms into a dress in one go!

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