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eatTo do without a trench coat in autumn, and in general in spring and autumn, is practically impossible. So let’s indulge in some online shopping, hunting for the new model that makes our heart skip a beat!

He has two centuries under his belt but carries them very well. He is not afraid of any opponent and is in no danger of losing his charm. Indeed, charm is precisely his strong point. Along with practicality and innate class. Among the fall coats, it is the one that no fashionista would ever give up, which breaks down all age and gender distinctions. Did you guess? Yes, we are talking about the trench coat. Having (at least) one is a must, but if for some reason it’s not in your wardrobe… Well, it’s time to fill the void. It is true that there is a wide choice. But we can help you: Here’s a selection of fall 2023 trench coats to buy onlinebetween trendy versions and classics!

Classic but not too much

The classic trench coat it is long, double-breasted, with a windproof and waterproof flap, cape and raglan sleeves. In its simplicity, it is the result of a series of elements that are masterfully assembled together. Classic but more substantial version? Here she is: double breasted closure, adjustable cuffs and side pockets with buttons. A structured, almost tailored design, which also makes it suitable for evening and more formal wear.

Short trench coat

The short trench coat is the most joyful reinterpretation of the great classic in question. It becomes the perfect alternative to blazers and jackets as well protagonist of smart casual appearances. To be worn to go to the office, to the university and also in your free time. No special restrictions. You put it on “on the fly”, but with the certainty that you will not betray your fashion soul.

Military style

There military trend – or military chic – is still with us, just think of the now viral cargo pants, canvas jackets and aviator bomber jackets. And in the list of examples there is also the trench coat. Special signs? Long and wide, military green (exactly), with flap and six buttons. Plus a nice adjustable belt, of course.

Trench coat fall 2023: glam details

Another trend regarding fall 2023 trench coats: the ornamental. Which can be embroidery, applications of beads and sequins, prints. Glam details that mix the cards on the table, which are obviously stylistically distant from the garment in question and for this very reason enhance it. In brief, things for discerning palates. You like this trench coat to buy online.

Red trend

Red is the color of fashion fall winter 2023 2024, we know so far. Coats, dresses, sweaters, accessories light up and catch the eye. However, the red trench coat remains a gem, a niche item. The irresistible choice, then, for those who love to stand out. Always.


ONE bolder version of the trench coateven more practical and “equipped”, for types with a very adventurous life? We show you: Hood, front zip closure and double breasted closure with presses. Not a breath of air or a drop of rain gets through, it must be said. And this slightly austere but sophisticated image is very popular.

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