The Wom wins “Best Web Article” at the Diversity Media Awards

The eighth edition of Diversity Awardsthe Oscars of inclusivity organized by Diversity Foundationawarded characters and media content that contributed to capitalizing on the representation of diversity in the areas related to gender identity, sexual and emotional orientation, ethnicity, age and generation, and disability.

A value, that of inclusive representation of diversity, on which The Wom was founded from the beginning and which led the brand to become benchmark for Gen Z.

The Woman stood out in “The best article on the web” – in the context of the information awards – thanks to the article “Never Data: the investigation that denounces the absence of data on Act 194”, signed by Francesca Polizzi. An article that addresses an issue both important and urgent: the lack of data on access to Voluntary Termination of Pregnancy throughout Italy.

Others were awarded during the award ceremony recognitions in the media world, incl: Best newspaper article to The print (for the article “I was a non-conforming kid. Let’s protect the hearts of the little ones” by Jonathan Bazzi), Best Journal Article to 7 Corriere della Sera (for the article “Laws, paths and the jump among teenagers. All the points that separate” by Greta Schlaunich).

She was the one who received the award Valentina LonatisCulture Editor of The Wom.

From left: Massimo Giannini, director of La Stampa, Greta Slaunich, journalist of 7 Corriere del
From left: Massimo Giannini, director of La Stampa, Greta Slaunich, journalist of 7 Corriere della Sera and Valentina Lonati, Culture Editor of The Wom

“We are proud to have received this award: a significant recognition for the work carried out by the team The woman, just over a year after debuting on social media and the internet. A daily commitment that arises from the need to give space to issues such as equal rights, diversity and inclusion,” he said. Daniela Cerrato, Director of Digital Marketing Of Mondadori Media. “Our first mission is to create awareness, and we do it using a language that transcends any label, to bring us closer and closer to what represents our future, namely the new generations,” concluded Cerrato.

“As the Mondadori Group we are particularly proud of this major success of The Wom. It is a privilege and a constant source of excitement for all of us to be able to contribute to creating a more inclusive, caring and forward-looking society and world of work,” he commented. Francesca Rigolio, Chief Diversity Officer of the Mondadori Group and Head of LIbri Human Resources.

“Winning such a prestigious award is truly an important recognition for The Wom, which has always been dedicated to promoting inclusive and appreciative messages of diversity and equality on social media with professionalism and subtlety. This recognition can certainly help raise awareness of the hard work and commitment behind such an important reality as The Wom, hopefully inspiring many others to follow suit. It is an honor to be a part of this wonderful reality and to contribute in my own small way. Ad maiora for many more well-deserved awards!” he declared Benedetta de LucaGender & Inclusion Editor of The Wom.

The Diversity Awards will be broadcast on Rai 1 on July 1st late at night.

The other prizes

The winners of the Diversity Media Awards were announced on the evening of June 21 during one charity night-event at the Giorgio Gaber Lyric Theatre of Milan which he directs Matilda De Angelis And Alberto Boubakar Malanchino.

Interspersed with speeches and spectacular performances, numerous awards followed on stage. Ornella Vanoni was elected Character of the Year.

Mara Maionchi took the stage to receive the Award Best TV Show For “These good girls“, won jointly with the show presented by Antonella ClericiThe Voice Senior“. The director of the documentary film “The shyness of hairValentina Bertanialong with the two protagonists Joshua and Benjamin Israelreceived the award at Best Moviewhile recognition in Best Italian TV Series won byPrism” and retired from the actress Katerina Forsa and by the screenwriter Alice Ursiolo.

The prize for Best Children’s TV Series went to “Super Benny” that he saw come on stage Benedetta Rossiprotagonist of the animated series. Fabio Canino And Laura Piacci withdrew recognition as Best Radio Show For “The Miracle Workers“, While “History of My Name“He was elected Best Podcast. Creator of the Year was declared Aida Diouf MbengueWhile Giulia Paganelli pseudonym Eva Sopa received the award as Best Digital Product for the content “Food culture. Let’s go back to Smart.” Victory for Best Foreign TV Series he earned it “The Umbrella Academy”.

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