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Rihanna showed off a sheer denim blue microtop on the Louis Vuitton Spring 2024 menswear runway. Next to her was A$AP Rocky, the near-perfect accessory of a woman who fears nothing

On the occasion of Pharrell Williams’ catwalk debut at the Louis Vuitton fashion show, Rihanna she chose to wear a look that was able to steal all the attention. As always, the Barbadian singer rocks. Her choice of outfit has made all the magazines in the industry agree stating that it is an iconic look.

Rihanna, pregnant with her second child, showed off hers with womanly pride big belly selecting it microtop. A decision that has already been loved by her fans and RiRi herself, who wears it often enough to show off her gorgeous pregnancy-softened body. Which the best moment of it, so perfect and so natural, to proudly display your body?

Rihanna’s microtop makes you dream

But let’s start from the head, why the beans by Rihanna matching the rest of the outfit tells a story sewing care and completely recognizable flavors. It’s an iconic piece, tailor-made for her. On her neck, the singer and entrepreneur chooses to flaunt a choker with shiny watch in the centre, signed Jacobs & Co.

Rihanna’s microtop inside clean jeans and pixel effect pattern they fit Rihanna’s skin perfectly. There is one that covers her back open jacket of the same pattern, closed only at the hem, which encircles her belly and gives her this oversized taste so fashionable in recent years.

Also the pixel effect low rise pants and extra wide leg It looks tailor made for her, and she makes up for it minimalist touch of the microtop with plenty of fabric that, we imagine, rustles with every step. One on the legs pointed shoe almost sharp, in one shade of gold simply irresistible.

To give it right bling in the look – he can never be absent with her – there are the accessory. Besides the choker, the piece de resistance, the midi hoop earrings and necklaces which fall profusely on the microtop and on the singer’s belly. One for each finger ring What looks like silver further embellishes the option of wearing 100% denim. This way you enrich an already rich outfit without overdoing it.

For the occasion, Rihanna chose her classic perfectly smooth and makeup that highlights her lips. Lips that always seem on the verge smile with joy.

At some point in the evening Rihanna chose to take off her denim jacket and wrap it around the waist, adapting jewelry to change. While holding the choker, she chose to wear a quantity shiny necklaces in different lengths, thus elevating the outfit once again.

This Rihanna look is reckless and teaches us that body perception it is completely subjective. Learning to love yourself and your baby is a process that can take time, but it leads us all in the right direction. Towards the freedom to wear what we like, how we like and above all when we like it to do it. Why not introduce this good intention for our wardrobe into our lives today?

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