The good environmental news we’ve been waiting to hear

PiI’m referring to climate changes, we hear only bad news, which is not surprising given the direction the world is taking. However, every now and then a small step forward is made and it is precisely from these small advances that we should take courage

Today we see some good environmental news about our continent.

The first news comes from the European Commission. In fact, it has made it its goal to “normalize” sustainable products that today are still the exception. As stated on the official website, the EU wishes to “give almost all physical goods in the EU market more environmentally friendly, circular and energy efficient during the entire life cycle, from the design phase to daily use to end of life.” But not only that: there are also reports in the world of fashion, historically among the worst sectors in terms of pollution: a “new strategy for make textiles more durable, repairable, reusable and recyclableto combat fast fashion, textile waste and the destruction of unsold products and ensure that they are produced with full respect for social rights.”

The package then provides “new rules for make consumers responsible for the green transition so that citizens are better informed about the environmental sustainability of products and are better protected against greenwashing”.

The other good news is about then the expansion of offshore wind farms. In fact, as many as nine countries – seven from the EU plus the UK and Norway – have signed a declaration that wants to turn the North Sea into “Europe’s biggest green powerhouse”, as the Belgian Minister of Energy and started the first hydrogen production projects from renewable energy sources.

Of course, we wouldn’t say much yet. According to the most authoritative scientists in the world, as well as the authors of the IPCCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) report, we can no longer afford a policy of small steps, but what would happen to our future if there were not even these modest signs; So I’d say read everything more positively than negatively and use it as a “precedent” to push for a more just world.

When everything seems “too” negative to us, when frustration and the desire to give up in the face of a seemingly lost battle against those who pull the strings of the world take our breath away… let us remember that the climate change it is a global problem and by definition it cannot be “small”. For a moment, just when we need to start stronger than before, let’s try not to look at the whole scale as a whole and focus on the good news. It will make us feel better.

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