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GSilver rings strengthen hands, speak for us, enrich our clothes. Little items we can’t live without. Here is a selection of models to buy online.

The importance of an accurate manicure is now universally recognized. Hands are one of the most interesting parts of the body: a kind of business card, but also an important means of communication with others. Consequently, too the Rings have a leading role. They convey different messages depending on which fingers we put them on, did you know? But they also reflect our style and tastes. Silver rings are timeless: beautiful, timeless, affordable. Giving yourself or giving away is always a great satisfaction. It is true that there are thousands of them on the market. Millions. The choice is anything but easy. But we will help you: here is a selection of silver rings to buy online!


The Pandora rings they are now a must for Gen Z, they have affordable prices and the catalog is really rich. One of the most popular models on the Internet is the ultra-romantic: a series of silver hearts, very subtle and seductive. One of those pieces of jewelry that you instantly love.


If you are a true fashion addict, you know this perfectly: the bold silver ring it is modern. Huge, yes. Wide or rather thick. In short, it doesn’t go unnoticed at all. But it never feels overwhelming. Actually, it’s pretty cool. Which one should I choose? With the smooth and tape model you are never wrong.

With zirconia

The silver rings with zircons it’s a great classic. But at the same time, this combination of material lends itself to infinite interpretations. Also very original. Check out this model, inspired by nature. Leaves clinging to branches: what can such an image mean to you? Think about it. We point it out the ring is adjustabletherefore suitable for every finger.

Platinum plated

Let’s move on to the most valuable women’s silver rings, but still within the reach of many. One element that can make a difference is platinum plating, which tends to oxidize less than silver itself: consequently, the ring retains its shine better. If you then add a cubic zirconia crown to further embellish it, well… it’s the best!


Silver can be colored through a specific process, the galvanic gilding. And such rings are really glam! Since the Barbie mania is still in place, why not be carried away by a rose silver ring? A true it-girl accessory.

Anti-stress ring

Have you ever heard of it anti-stress rings? They come with some headbands or beads: touching them, making them move with your fingers you can release your stress and you immediately feel calmer. Thanks to whoever came up with them!

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