Shut down Tok, the “live” resignation phenomenon on TikTok

smallMore and more young people decide to capture the moment they announce their intention to quit their job and spread it on TikTok: a phenomenon – called QuitTok – that is rooted in the need to share even the most difficult moments. Here’s what it’s all about

“I’m about to hit send: I’ll be fired in a few moments». So begins one of the dozens of videos that have been hacked recently Tik Tokshort videos in which young workers share the moment they quit, and the emotions that come with it, with their followers.

The phenomenon has become so widespread that it has earned a specific hashtag, #quittokwhich until today has almost 40 million views and under which they share hundreds of videos of one of the most important moments in a person’s life. The clips show from time to time calls announcing the resignation, moments before sending emails, phone calls with future ex-bosses: it doesn’t matter what the medium is, the basis is the choice to capture the moment of the dismissal live and the mental situation you are dealing with.

The choice to quit to pursue your dreams or leave a toxic environment

There are those who do it because they are determined to do it Chase your dreams, some because they realize they are not happy or satisfied, others to take care of their mental health after experiences in toxic work environments. Different reasons, but one common feature: the desire to share anxiety, stress and fears that you inevitably feel when you make the decision to leave a job, perhaps a permanent and well-paid position. A choice, that of not giving up one’s life and ambitions for financial security, which has lately become a kind of Gen Z “manifesto” and has been renamed, in light of the extent of the phenomenon, the “Great Resignation” ». “, the “mass resignations”.

“I quit, I have never felt more free and happy – says a young New York vlogger – in her #quittok video – I don’t know what I’m going to do from now on, but it’s been something I’ve wanted to do for over a year and it had to be done. I try to focus on the present and the positivity I feel now.”

There are also those who do not show live the moment of dismissal, but say how they felt before and how they felt after: “i am 28and until now I have walked a path made with very high goals – explains Anna Sutter, a former school counselor from Indiana – After my master’s degree, which I obtained at the age of 23, I immediately started my career and I quit last week. I don’t have anything planned before or after, but that’s okay, because I almost died for this job. And I want to share this video with you to remind you that you too can quit jobs that make you feel bad and make you suffer: no job should jeopardize your mental health, your friendships, your relationships and your well-being.”

Normalization or Spectacularization?

The goal of the vast majority of video sharers remains that “normalizeA moment that for many people is experienced not only with anxieties and insecurities about the future, but also with a deep sense of guilt at the idea of ​​voluntarily leaving a permanent job. A new sensibility and a new vision that belongs, as mentioned, mainly Gen Zespecially to young women, who use social media as a sounding board to send messages of courage and empowerment.

However, there is no shortage of criticism for what is considered a stance too dramatic, and about the tendency of Gen Z kids to film every moment of their lives and share it on social media, perhaps to make it spectacular. The invitation, as always, is to approach these videos with balance and common sense, considering the decision of whoever posted it but without having to emulate it at all costs.

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