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In San Cassiano, a little jewel nestled in the Dolomites, there is Hotel Fanes, with a brand new and innovative spa. Here’s where to go when you want to pamper yourself and treat yourself to a relaxing break of total wellness and privacy. Read here


Take care of yourself, your health, but also your beauty and relax. A dream? No, it is a possible realityHotel Fanes Wellness & SPAin the village of San Cassiano immersed in the unspoilt nature of the Dolomites of Alta Badia (South Tyrol), at an altitude of just over 1,500 meters above sea level.

To welcome you you will find the Crazzolara family, which has been managing the facility since 1957. At that time, the hotel was built from an ancient farmhouse, the intimacy and warmth of which can still be felt in today’s surroundings. Today the structure has been significantly expanded, covering over 5,000 square meters. The environment is refined and elegant, even if it has stayed true to the alpine tradition.

At Hotel Fanes, guests have at their disposal rooms equipped with every comfort, luxurious suites, created with materials of natural origin found in South Tyrol, all-round wellness opportunities: there are saunas (read to the end, we’ll tell you about a really special one), hammams, indoor and outdoor pools (most notably there’s a dreamy infinity pool, a 25-meter well on a panoramic terrace), with seawater hydromassage and Kneipp circuit. There is no lack of equipped gyms, with attached yoga and pilates classes. “What we want is precisely to express our tradition in a place where the visitor can find perfect physical and mental well-being,” he underlines. Reinhold Crazzolara, hotel owner.


A note is worth it Restaurantwith genuine and organic cuisine from Chef Claudio de Marc, who enhances the local raw materials in his dishes, local and selected by himself, revisiting the rich culinary tradition of South Tyrol. Especially in the hot season, the vegetables come directly from the hotel’s garden: “Near the hotel we grow vegetables and herbs of various types: every day, therefore, we can collect products 0 km and bring them very fresh to the table. In this way we try to convey to visitors the great value of consuming, where possible, what we can produce directly.

The exclusive Caveau Beauté treatment

283327In the state-of-the-art Spa with wellness treatments for every need (there are also two Private Suites, exclusive treatment cabins where you can relax even as a couple), the Vault roomreminiscent of the products of the cosmetics line of the same name in its black and gold colors Caveau Beauté and where it is possible to receive state-of-the-art beauty and skin care treatments for the face and body. “The common denominator of the series is the Caveina Technology 3 System, a patented compound, which allows the transfer of active ingredients to the deepest part of the skin, working from the inside out and promoting the natural reproduction of collagen and elastin. The innovation lies in the use of products containing cross-linked hyaluronic acid, with excellent moisturizing and repair capabilities,” explains the Spa manager. Ingrid Crazzolara.


Facials in particular are useful for plumping the skin, smoothing wrinkles and imperfections, stimulating collagen and elastin production. The line is also indicated for those suffering from skin diseases such as acne, psoriasis, dermatitis, infections, eczema and severe skin dehydration.

Details: the rotating and suspended sauna

It is said Data and it is the very special sauna of the Hotel Fanes: with a cylindrical base, it rotates on itself 360° and hangs at a height of 9 meters. Around the counters, in the center is the stove, the heart that powers the entire structure. Spending a few minutes here is truly an experience: while you sweat, detoxify your body, you also enjoy a wonderful view, with the Dolomites and the natural landscape outside visible from the large window, while this kind of futuristic spaceship, made of wood and iron, it turns by itself.


“I would like to add that the Elements Sauna presents a significant depth of idea: it was decided, in fact, to adopt some of the most ancient philosophies and traditions, which see man at the center of a very close relationship with nature and the energies that it releases “, concludes interior designer Barbara Widmann.


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