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smallThey are the perfect accessories for mid-seasons, adorning even the simplest of looks and representing an infinite source of inspiration. It’s time to enrich our collection!

If you think about it, it’s amazing how much of a difference a “piece of cloth” can make. But for that matter, scarves and ornaments we like them for that very reason. They are almost magical accessories, which play a far from secondary role in creating outfits. They tell us about us, they make customization simple, they bring a breath of color and imagination. I am versatile and anarchic; if on the one hand they match easily with the other elements that make up the look, on the other hand there is no obligation to do so. Thus, they become protagonists of pure and glam contrasts. They rest lightly on the shoulders (and the outerwear), we can leave them gently around the neck or tighten them with a knot. Use them as hats or to tie your hair. Not only in transitional seasons, but throughout the year they prove to be valuable fashion allies. And if you’re looking for scarves and ornaments to buy online to add to your collection, take a look here. We bet these suggestions will inspire you?

The silk was stolen

There stole silk He enters the scene (preferably) after sunset, revealing all his grace. The combination with a long or midi dress it is unmistakable, a great classic. But experiment with other combinations, perhaps in the spirit of mix&match. Have you ever thought of, for example, wearing it with a top and skinny jeans?

He stole the show

…But if we talk about ornaments and great classics, we can’t help but talk about ceremonial appearances. Because in similar contexts, and when it comes to strapless or rather low-cut clothing, the stealing it is practically necessary. Also a matter of etiquette. Which one should I choose? With the monochrome you’re never wrong, and when it comes to nuances, you enjoy another degree of freedom. Those who prefer fantasy should keep a low profile. A subtle floral print is optimal.

Animal print scarf

Let’s switch genres completely. When looking for scarves and ornaments to buy online, it’s easy to come across animal patterns. Scarves of this type immediately attract attention, give a bold twist to the look and at the same time allow you to avoid the risk of overdoing it. Bottom line: for us it’s a yes, especially when paired with black leather jackets!

Small scarf

The small handkerchief, to tie around the neck, is back in fashion. It is also called choke, did you know that? And despite the somewhat “threatening” name, it’s an impeccable touch of style. Which can be casual or more elegant, depends on the model and the occasion. The trends of the moment coincide with bright and vibrant colors, there is no doubt. Pair it with a shirt and you’ll hit the mark.


The return to the neck scarf scene also resulted in its rediscovery scarf. Its origins lie in the West, in the era of cowboys and bandits. Between seventy and ninety the iconic cotton handkerchief caused a sensation, even among celebrities. At some point, however, it seemed to have been irretrievably forgotten. On the contrary, the queens of street style, thanks to the contribution of various designers, fell in love with it. Bandana to the rescue!

He stole sheets

There stole sheets it is one Passepartout: enhances any outfit, day or night, and proves to be a valuable ally especially in spring and autumn. But also in summer, when it’s a specific time and the air cools. To make the most of the versatility of this accessory, a solid color is a wise choice. And if you can never go wrong with black, all other colors are a temptation to indulge.

Paisley scarf

Of Persian origin, the kind of woolen cloth it is one of the oldest and still widespread prints. This is the famous one teardrop pattern clearly inspired by nature, to be more clear. The paisley scarf is an evergreen that brings together all generations, also thanks to the infinite color games which allows you to create. How infinite are the possible interpretations. A scarf like this can be super elegant and formal or, conversely, super easy. Try (in front of the mirror) to believe.

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