Parent project: the Mondadori Group fosters an inclusive corporate culture

Un specific support for all new parents for greater reconciliation between work and private life: h Mondadori Group launches a new project dedicated to parenting as part of the business plan Mondadori Care

Promote people’s well-being and put them at the center the concept of care in its broadest senseas care for himself, his children, his parents and society: That’s his goal Parenting Project of the Mondadori Group, which is part of the corporate plan Mondadori Care.

“The reflection from which it was born Mondadori Care it starts from the realization that those who work in our Group, in addition to the workplace, experience a variety of other personal dimensions, such as the birth of a child, which often entail significant care burdens. With these initiatives we want to be next to our people even in the most delicate moments of their history as parents, children and members of the society in which we live. We want to listen carefully to their needs and provide them with skills and tools, thus strengthening the feeling of belonging to Mondadori,” he explained. Francesca Rigolio, Chief Diversity Officer of the Mondadori Group.

Francesca Rigolio, Chief Diversity Officer of the Mondadori Group and Head of the HR Books area
Francesca Rigolio, Chief Diversity Officer of the Mondadori Group and Head of the HR Books area

The project manifesto

To start it parenting project is its launch one manifest, which evolves into six points in which Mondadori’s approach to raising children, understood as:

  • social heritage: to cultivate a vision of parenting as prosperity multiplier be promoted both within the Group and institutionally through dialogue and debate;
  • shared responsibility: supporting an equitable distribution of care burdens in the family by overcoming gender stereotypes.
  • organizational and emotional discontinuity: to encourage open discussion and a constructive approach in order to turn an individual’s temporary absence into an opportunity for personal, professional and organizational development.
  • reconciliation between professional and personal fulfillment: listen carefully to the needs of those facing this moment of change and promote tools of flexibility and well-being that allow a better balance between individual aspirations and organizational needs.
  • caring and loving relationship free from stereotypes and social conventions: to extend support, through available legal means, to every parent and type of couple, without limiting the definition of emotional relationship and care relationship.
  • free and unconditional choice: to support parenthood as a choice rather than an obligation to respect both those who legitimately choose not to have children and those who fail to become parents.

The Parental Kit

To offer specific support to new parents, the work It also provides a parent kit which collects all the tools and information useful to better plan the period before, during and after the leave, from the announcement to the company to the preparatory phase to the return.

The parent kit consists of: a CHECK LIST with indications and practical suggestions for better organization of the months preceding childbirth. one parent book with regulatory details on maternity and paternity in Italy, as well as the internal regulations of the Group. individual counseling service dedicated to people with daughters and sons up to 3 years old. A space for listening and reflection where any doubts about returning from leave, evolutionary processes and any difficulties of being a parent will be discussed.

Mondadori Care

What it means to be a caregiver and why it is almost always a female figure


What it means to be a caregiver and why it is almost always a female figure

His initiative plan Mondadori Carein addition to parenting projectshe saw from her first actions the service developed together with the club Atelier of the Mind which through a free path of personalized orientation interviews;, wants to give a specific answer to those who are asked to care for a relative with suspected cognitive impairment. An increasingly widespread social issue at the national level, as revealed in recent research that highlights how in Italy 1 worker out of 3 cares for an elderly or non-self-sufficient family member and that the the vast majority of caregivers (70%) are women aged between 45 and 55 (source: Istat data).

During the year Mondadori Care will launch further initiatives aimed at monitoring it developmental course of girls and boys of the Group’s people with opportunities and in a meticulous orientation.

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