Love yourself in front of the mirror: tips on how to train self-esteem

smallOften behind insecurities and failures is a lack of self-esteem. In life, in social relationships and at work. Self-esteem does not depend exclusively on aesthetic beauty but is a much broader concept. Is there a way to make a change and increase your personal self-esteem? Of course, just like a muscle can be trained day by day. Let’s train together!

Having a positive vision of ourselves, believing in our uniqueness and abilities, makes us confident and ready to face life’s challenges. Within limits, it’s not selfishness but healthy self-love, and we all need that. It is certainly influenced by many factors such as the education received, life experiences, successes, failures and character of the individual. On the contrary, it does not depend on physical beauty. We tend to mistakenly believe this, not considering that physical beauty is subjective while self-esteem is a universal concept.

Inevitably we come into the world already seeking approval for our growth. Our parents are the first to give us an opinion of what we are. Our first steps, our grades in school, our education. As we grow older, the situation doesn’t change much, but in addition to indirectly living in the shadow of our parents’ judgment, we constantly feel in competition with a society that wants us to be perfect. We see everyone better than us, more beautiful than us, more talented and happier than us. Their wealth diminishes and discourages us.

There is a ghost in our head and it is the ghost of comparisonthe

We are always competing. Of course, competition is not always unhealthy. There are pros and cons. Let’s think for example in the field of sports: the fact that you have rivals and someone to compete with is definitely motivating, stimulating.

increase self-esteem

Therefore, if competition is seen as something that stimulates growth and leads to doing better and engaging, it can be helpful, if on the other hand it is seen as something that transmits anxiety, envy or resentment, diminishes positivity and takes us away from our intention. To do this we must recognize our abilities and limits, understand what is possible and what is not, and work to achieve not the maximum but the best we can.

The other should be seen as a role model to aspire to and not as a source of envy. Yes, another healthy form of competition is with yourself. Take a look back and congratulate yourself on our successes, big or small. This will make us be the best version of ourselves.

You don’t get to the top by outdoing others but by outdoing yourself

This will also make us accept failures more calmly and understand that we can fail and start again without affecting our dignity and worth. and finally learn to look at ourselves in front of the mirror with peace without feeling the need to associate happiness with our body or being, but simply to live the relationship with ourselves more peacefully.

We become masters of our own happiness and peace. We reclaim possession of our uniqueness. We need the beauty and value of diversity. Let’s leave that child who needs the approval of others to grow up. Only in this way can we truly express our full potential and discover the happiness within. Because the secret to achieving small or large goals and overcoming life’s challenges and difficulties is only one: believing in ourselves.

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