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Tiktoker and founder of the jewelry brand “Amabile” Martina – on the stage of La Rinascente in Milan where she will be present throughout December with a pop-up – reveals the weapons of her success, in social media and in business. And how you positively impact a community

Blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes and a smile that says it all. Martina Strutzer she is a sunny and genuine girl, dynamic and determined, both young and ambitious. And it is ambition, mixed with ingenuity, that in less than no time made her a content creator with 1.5 million followers on TikTok and 700K on Instagram as well as a successful entrepreneur.

Ironic on social media and specifically on “business”, Martina – born in 2000, just 23 years old – is the founder of a brand jewelry all his own, which was launched three years ago and which today has a turnover of 4 million euros. So yes, you got it right: 4 million euros.

Martina Strazzer wears her creations
Martina Strazzer wears her creations

But let’s take a step back. Because I bet you’ll be curious to know how it all started. We were also when we met her on the fifth floor La Rinascente in Piazza Duomo in Milan – where Martina landed with a special space inside it Jewel Market Project that brings together the most important jewelry brands for the entire month of December – we bombarded her with questions. And first of all we asked her when and how it all started.

Martina Strazzer: the beginnings between dreams and precious projects

We are in 2019, after scientific studies Martina enrolled in biomedical university, with not very clear ideas about what he wanted to do in the future. Or maybe yes? Well, if it wasn’t, two months of classes were enough for her to figure it out: between the university desks, in fact, her passion for the subject fades more and more in favor of a stronger and more intense desire: to create something. her own in the field of fashion.

And so while he decides to leave the university, he sifts through his passions and has no doubts: wants to launch a jewelry brand and will call it “Nice”, his middle name and the name of his sweet paternal grandmother that he never learned. (Which – we are sure – brought her great luck!).

Martina Strazzer in her corner at La Rinascente Milan
Martina Strazzer in her corner at La Rinascente Milan

So, shall we? And no, not yet. First, there is one hurdle to overcome, or rather… three shall we say:Confess to my parents that I will leave university, that I will leave it for this launching my own jewelry brand is this – he emphasizes us with the look of someone who knew then that he would never regret this decision – Would I not sell this jewelry in a traditional jewelry store? I will sell them on social media…. Oh, how do I tell him?“.

And so between embarrassment and fear not to hurt them, sure to disappoint them, he doesn’t tell them… he writes to them:I decided to write him a letter“. And so amid rivers of tears that touched the paper:I apologized for the displeasure I would cause him with my choices and promised to give him back every penny of the tuition I paid.. But – I was sure – this was not my path, the path to my happiness.”

A story of perseverance

A choice not shared by parents – “In the meantime, to mediate, I enrolled in marketing school” – as by many close people who did not believe in his work. But this “loneliness” wasn’t enough to stop her, just like the lockdown wasn’t enough to stop her: persistence and the desire to do things got her through.

I only had 300 euros in my pocket – it was all my savings and there were no people around me with a business background – In brief, I was starting completely from scratch: I couldn’t afford big investments and had to gather some information from around me to understand how things worked in business. And so I started producing very first and very few pieces. I started selling something, then the coronavirus broke out and the workshops were closed.”

Great jewelry
Nice jewelry

It’s the end; No! With just 14 followers on IG, Martina Strazzer invests time and creativity in TikTokdownloads it and roll after roll in which he jokes about stereotypes, his page does the antenna. And with her hers jewelry.

TikTok, female entrepreneurship and… Nice

Today Martina Strazzer on social media he talks about his daily life, his dreams, his difficulties. It has a hard-core community, which is also its clientele. With them every day there is a mutual and direct exchange: “Come social I’m super spontaneous and the relationship with my fans is based on participation mutual: it is an emotionally close albeit virtual relationship because there is a constant exchange of feelings, moments, emotions, real stories. And indeed”Nice» was born precisely from this exchange“.

Martina with her followers at La Rinascente in Milan
Martina with her followers at La Rinascente in Milan

And right through social media – “TikTok is invaluable to my success” – he means promoting the presence of women in the world of entrepreneurshipsupported by a group of young women under the age of 30, now 40.From businesswoman I struggled a lot to stand up for myself, but I did it and I want all other women who have a dream like mine to do so without giving up, without stopping at the first hurdle, without letting anyone bring them down. I try to convey all my strength and perseverance to my fans, hoping to be a good example of success and female empowermentand when they tell me they made it, it’s a little like I made it with them.“.

Martina with a small part of her all-female team
Martina with a small part of her all-female team

In short, Martina is a strong girl and “NICE“. And his story shows us that with creativity, ingenuity and will you can get anywhere you want.

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