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Un now an indispensable accessory, which must cover very specific needs. The eye wants its part, but there are other basic requirements. Haven’t made your choice yet? See our selection…

Carrying a laptop or notebook computer is a necessity for many, starting with digital natives and come creators, but also by freelancers or those who work smart and/or often travel for work. The natural consequence? The search for the best laptop backpacks. Undoubtedly, the offer on the market is great: something extraordinary, of course. But the final choice can be complicated. So let’s try to put our ideas in order. And let’s take a look at Laptop Backpacks to Buy Online: this option is for you!

Compact (and colorful)

There is a big difference between backpacks designed as an alternative to bags – which are experiencing a golden age among other things – and laptop backpacks. The latter are not only more capacious, but a must have a number of features that protect our device (and our back!) and also guarantee great comfort. In short, the ideal would be… like I don’t hear them. First, it is necessary that the backpack is equipped with adequate investment and results very durable. Not to mention indestructible. Of course the eye wants its piece too: how about that? colorful model?

Super equipped

What are the best laptop backpacks available online? Well, if it is also done with waterproof materials (besides having the aforementioned peculiarities), it is better. Again, if you use this type of backpack often, it’s best to translate the design more apartments, so you can easily fit other devices, general and other objects. Best would be to be able to do without the bag if needed. However, you can bring everything you need with you. So here is the online solution that covers all these needs!


The iPhone or smartphone suddenly “leaves” us, completely empty: no, it’s not a good feeling. But it can come to the rescue smart laptop backpack! That is, equipped with USB cable with a socket on the outside, which allows you to recharge this device on the go. Wonderful… or rather, as we say: WOMderful!

Retro style

Aesthetics are always important, even when it comes to Laptop Backpacks to Buy Online. We all agree on this and our choice proves it. As – of course – we agree on the fact that if they match our ensembles, or in any case reflect our style, they become truly unbeatable. Many times you let yourself be tempted, come on retro look? Here is the right model! Also equipped with multiple pockets and excellent quality.

Not just computers

Looking for a backpack for your computer, yes, but in which to put a lot of other stuff? Super spacious and glamorous at the same time? Wandering the Internet, we came across this model in great demand: there is a padded case for the laptop, but there are many others. And there is one separate case for the cable, power bank and other small items. You can easily use it as hand luggage (on and off the plane), the available space will surprise you.

Extremely thin with…surprise

Here is another very interesting suggestion: one ultra slim and also sustainable laptop backpack. Made, that is, with recycled PET plastic bottles. You wouldn’t think so, would you? It is durable, chic, waterproof. And then it offers a twist: it is expandable! Thanks to a simple zip, in fact, it is possible to double its capacity. It is also equipped with a USB port. A great gift idea.

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