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Nonot just one day, but even ten: that means Amazon Black Friday 2023. Here is a selection of the best fashion deals, all you have to do is choose!

The Black Friday 2023 his falls Friday November 24th and, as always, we are all excited. Because this tradition we inherited from the US is undeniably strategic: we can give new glam touches to our wardrobe and make golden offers, without waiting for the fatal sales of January. And it’s also an opportunity to get ahead with Christmas presents, mitigating the risk of last-minute stress. One day too little? So here are three words that illuminate: Amazon Black Friday. A whole week dedicated to super discounted shopping. indeed, to be exact it is ten days.

It starts with his hitting at midnight on Friday November 17th (nothing but bad luck!) and we continue until Monday, November 27. That is, until Government Monday. We couldn’t help but focus fashion offers and there are hundreds: clothes and accessories of all types and for all styles. To help you decide, we’ve made an ad hoc selection. Dive into Amazon’s Black Friday week and create your look!

Low rise jeans

Let’s start with Jeans, because surely you too would like at least (and we repeat at least!) 3-4 new models a year. Among the offers Amazon Black Friday 2023 we found this signed sentence Pepe Jeans. Low waist, straight leg and slim fit. Be careful, because they sell like hot cakes!

Sports shoes with a heart

What has been said about jeans applies: also regarding athletically, our desire never fades. And our collection is constantly growing. Take a look at them, undeniably original and shiny: they are part of it Uno Loving Love Collectionthe result of cooperation between Skechers and the famous muralist James Goldcrown, featuring the iconic #Lovewall pattern with colorful hearts. How to resist?

The shiny brogues

Let’s stay on topic shoes, but let’s change the genre completely. The brogues, that is shoes with laces, is a classic style must. But if it becomes in patent leather effect, they get a glam touch that shuffles the cards on the table and makes them even more exciting. With white socks, in plain sight, it’s the best. But also with the pants!

rain boots

OK, we admit it: we enjoy it. It’s all their fault. Amazon Black Friday week! Rain boots have been in street style for a while now, they’re not just a trend anymore. They have remained on the fashion scene and will remain. And these ten days of sales represent the perfect opportunity to pick up a pair. Here is, thick sole and buckles around the ankle. Chic!

The cozy sweater

Winter is just around the corner and the idea of ​​a warm and comfortable sweater Every day it gets more tempting. We found a version that is very successful on Amazon: the construction is refined, with maxi ribs which interlock and the neck is funnel-shaped. A garment that is essential and at the same time very versatile. To make the most of it in the city and pack for the holidays holidays in the mountains.

The hooded sweatshirt drapes

Speaking of colder days and/or vacations in the mountains: land sherpa-lined hood it’s great without it self and without but. Very warm but not bulky, to be worn under any outerwear. And to be used as an overcoat, though, when the weather gets a little milder.

The waterproof jacket

There waterproof jacket that reaches mid-thigh, equipped with a hood, is always a good idea. We chose this one for a number of reasons: firstly because the design makes it go with both casual chic and more formal outfits, so in terms of versatility it’s worth the full view. And then it has no padding but is done with a technical fabric which also protects from wind and cold. Other colors are available.

The colorful quilt

No, winter without a down jacket is unimaginable! Amazon Black Friday 2023 it’s the perfect opportunity to buy a new one. Maybe in a nice bright and/or bright color, to liven up our outfits. Quilted, plain, hooded, hip length. Let’s go!

Sequined top

But Black Friday also serves to satisfy some whimsy, let’s face it. And start defining your new look, why not? This proposal will not leave you indifferent, we are sure of it: a red top with a halter neck and studded with ton sur ton sequins. The fit is smooth, wearing it creates sophisticated drapes. For immediate purchase.

The watch with charm

We took a look at them too watches online Black Friday discount. Girlslook at this gem: the clock Hip Hop Dancing in the Light, featuring the now iconic silicone strap and a small charm attached as a piercing, depicting a bee. Wow!

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