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UOnce again, fashion becomes a symbol and a message: here are some of the fashion initiatives being implemented to raise awareness of an increasingly urgent issue.

November 25, 2023, International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. A day that this year takes on an even more intense meaning, because the pain of what happened to Giulia Cecchettin is very strong. Violence against women, which very often translates into femicide, in Italy it is now an unbearable alarm. And we are all called upon to do what we can to ensure that it goes out, no exceptions. From North to South, on the occasion of November 25th there will be successive demonstrations, events and ideas aimed at raising awareness. A loud and clear voice must be raised, which goes far beyond one day. The universe of fashion participates in this chorus in different ways, first of all clothes and accessories with strong symbolic value. So there you go fashion initiatives launched for the Day Against Violence Against Women and for the next time.

Gucci’s Signoria Rosso Ancora slingbacks are becoming an icon

Last September, during Milan fashion week, the long-awaited happened Sabato De Sarno’s debut for Gucci. Among the key pieces of his first collection, this one for Spring Summer 2024, is the Gucci Signoria slingback. Well, the maison decided to choose it Anchor Red variant – in patent leather and with a logo chain – like symbol of the fight against gender violence and femicide.

From November 25 – Day Against Violence Against Women – until the end of the year, a portion of the proceeds from sales (and pre-orders) will go to Women’s House. Namely, a place of meeting and discussion on gender equality and rights that will soon be launched in Florence.

Gucci Signoria slingback in red again
Gucci Signoria slingback in red again

Calzedonia buyer: “This is not love”

If he spoils your things, if he blackmails you, if he follows you around, if he demands love or sex when you don’t want it, if he pushes you or slaps you, if he humiliates you, if he isolates you, if he isolates you, if he bullies you, if he locks you in a room, if he threatens you and your children, if he insults you, if he silences you, if he controls you, if he physically harms you, if he threatens your freedom, including financial freedom, if he keeps calling you to insult you, if he kicks you , he punches you and pulls your hair, if he bothers you with obsessive messages, if he asks you for the last date… that’s not love»: these are the words printed in Calzedonia buyerused startup from November 20 in all stores of the brand.

An initiative developed in collaboration with the State Police: the slogan written on the bags, in fact, was coined in 2016 by the Central Crime Directorate, which has been committed for years to spreading this message as powerful as it is necessary. Which, thanks to such a simple object, can and should reach as many people as possible. ONE institutional campaign great impact, to which Calzedonia makes a significant contribution.

Calzedonia buyer
Calzedonia buyer

Cult Auctions for Enula’s Custom Combat Boots

also Worship takes to the field on the Day Against Violence Against Women. And he does it together with the club Woman differencea non-profit organization working to liberate women from violence and discrimination since 1989. The project is called The Only One Cult and also includes the Milanese singer and songwriter Enula.

The young artist will personalize two versions of Cult’s iconic Slash amphibian;following the connections that are part of her background and a rich and multifaceted femininity, open to contamination and personal improvement. The limited editions will be auctioned on the Charity Stars platform and all proceeds from the sale will go to Differenza Donna.

Limited Edition Slash Cult Amphibian
Limited Edition Slash Cult Amphibian

The charity auction of Federica Pellegrini’s sports memorabilia

Auctioned for charity at Charity Stars will be on sale – from November 25 to December 9 – as well Federica Pellegrini’s sports memorabiliaalong with some limited editions created by Pennika and signed by the Olympian herself.

The initiative was born from collaboration between Federica and Caffè Vergnanosocial responsibility project supporter Women in the cafe. Together they stood for Say, the national anti-violence network that works every day to support member organizations in their work to support women, as well as to promote political actions to prevent and combat gender-based violence and to disseminate good practices. All proceeds from the auction will go to support DiRe’s activities.

Federica Pellegrini signs the limited editions created by Pennika in collaboration with Caffè
Federica Pellegrini signs the limited editions created by Pennika in collaboration with Caffè Vergnano

AGL, the red shoes and support for Afghan women

In his head AGLan Italian brand specializing in the production of footwear, there are three women: Vera, Sarah and Marianna Justi Leombruini. Better known as the Giusti sisters. They’ve been going with one for a while now small, big revolution for the female universefor example by setting working hours based on those associated with nurseries and schools.

So they could not stand still on the occasion of November 25th, first of all why “They strongly believe in the bond between women and the importance of helping each other“. So they decided that very day AGL will donate all proceeds from the sale of the Angie model to charity, i.e. Mary Janes in red patent leather. The recipient of the donation will be Cisda, international committee for the support of Afghan women.

Angie AGL in red patent leather
Angie AGL in red patent leather

THEMOIR is with Donnexstrada to create new Purple Points

THEMOIRè, a Milanese brand that produces ecological and sustainable bagsinstead of siding with Donnexstrada, a non-profit road safety and gender-based violence association. In fact, it will contribute to generating new Purple Pointsthat is, places intended to welcome people who are experiencing difficulties.

The project includes selection, awareness and education, carried out by legal and psychological professionals. The ultimate goal is the concrete participation of citizens in the fight against male violence (and beyond), starting from the territory and creating a network that can support victims. From November 24 to 30 THEMOIRè will allocate a portion of the proceeds from its website sales (and there will be special prices on the entire collection) to generate further Purple Points.

Malloni and the social project Female Voices

Also the Malloni clothing brand presents an interesting initiative on the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. The entry is as follows: la female creativity it must be appreciated and explored, in the name of inclusiveness. Therefore it is born Women’s Voicesa social project celebrating female genius starting with a experiential video story which combines professional and private dimensions. Diffusion will be through i Malloni’s social channels and his own community.

The goal is to reflect complexity of being a woman today, offering different viewpoints that shed light on those aspects of the feminine essence that are not yet fully accepted and respected today. There sharing storiesthus, it becomes an opportunity for inspirational growth and confirmation for those listening. Malloni Digital Talk: Female Voices will debut on November 25 with his intervention fashion director Floriana Orsetto, who for the first time will talk about her professional experience and, at the same time, about being a mother. This will be followed by video contributions from other performers of the Italian cultural and artistic scene: the industrial designer Agustina Bottoni, the multidisciplinary artist Julia Pierone and the fashion director Sabrina Mellace.

Floriana Orsetto, fashion director of Malloni
Floriana Orsetto, fashion director of Malloni

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