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largea legendary hoodie, conquering everyone without exception. Also thanks to its flexibility and practicality. How about a shopping trip? Here is a selection of models to buy online for Fall 2023!

It was invented in the 1930s from the Champion company, to better cope with the New York cold. In a short time he conquered workers, football players, infantrymen. And then rebellious teenagers, skaters, rappers, hip hop and breakdancers, boxers. Today is one undisputed urban style must have, there is no discrimination of gender, age or status. Did you guess? We are talking about the legendary hoodie. Maybe we hadn’t made a choice hood online?

Yes, because not only has this ultra-comfortable garment never lost an ounce of charm, but it has constantly expanded its horizons. And since the 2000s it has even entered the luxury fashion, becomes the muse of the most famous brands worldwide. How to match the hoodie? Well, there has been a development in this regard as well. Because we are far beyond the classic combinations with jeans, joggers and other casual items. Today we wear it with blazers, skirts, tailored trousers. In short, it is an irreplaceable ally for everyday appearances. Well, here is a selection of models to buy online for this fall 2023… Without wasting any more time!


Between hood online more popular, a place of honor goes to nouns. Monochrome and simple graphics, which in most cases coincide with lettered logos. Passepartout clothes, used for gym and leisure, but also a perfect solution for home clothes. Can’t go wrong!


…But if you want to be in tune with the fashion trends of the moment, then focus on the cropped sweatshirt. Short, even very short, to be worn next to the skin, with a cling or top. The hood makes it even tastier, no doubt about it. And while you’re at it, why not opt ​​for a boldly colored model?

Kangaroo pocket

Champion also deserves credit for creating – in the 1940s – the hood with “kangaroo pocket”. The front pocket, so to speak. An undeniable advantage in terms of practicality. Sweatshirts of this type are also perfect for hiking and outdoor excursions. An advice? Choose a model with a loose fit or larger size… Cool!

With zipper

Did you know that? At first the hoodie had no pockets at all and the zipper was not even thought of. Over time the design has been enriched, always in the name of practicality and casual aesthetics. THE models with zippers they like them because they are faster, putting them on and taking them off is a snap. And they happen too strategic protagonists of layeringas well as overcoats for beautiful but uncertain days!


You are looking for one hood to buy online that it is original, even funny? The colorful is the right solution. If it is then translated into a patchwork construction, it is the best! Color combinations, among others, have the great advantage of making combinations as easy as possible.

In fleece

In theory, the hoodie is a garment for between seasons. In practice, let’s face it: in the middle of winter we still have it on us. Also why we discovered it under the coat – even long – looks divine. But if you’re cold*, do not worry: The sweatshirt with fleece lining it solves the problem. Very hot!

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